If you’re planning ahead or looking for something last minute, our various dinner recipes have you covered. We provide you a range of vegetarian and meaty options that can be cooked in various possible ways such as grilled, fried and baked recipes that are easy to cook. These dinner dishes include traditional and international cuisines for you to enjoy at home with friends or family!

Bhindi Chicken

Aloo Bhindi

Shimla Nu Shaak

Parsi Red Chicken Curry

Batata Nu Shaak

Spaghetti Bolognese

Chili Chicken Curry

Green Chicken Karahi

Lahori Red Chicken

Maharani Karhai

Namkeen Karhai

Masala Chops

Malai Prawns

Afghani Chicken

Tava Chicken

Shahjahani Korma

Mutton Boti Salan

Chicken Changezi

Qeema Pulao

Garlic and Cheese Bread