4 Foods for Dengue Treatment at Home

4 Foods for Dengue Treatment at Home

4 Foods for Dengue Treatment at Home

Organization. Every year during monsoon a huge number of people get infected by this certain fever and a percentage of those also die due to the intensity of the fever they have been infected with.

We are sharing 4 dengue treatments ahead to increase your platelet count and to help you recover faster by the help of the diet discussed ahead;

1. Fresh Fruit Juice:

Fresh fruit juices contain a lot of nutritional value that gives energy to the body during the fever. Fruits are natural immunity boosters; they absorb so quickly in the body that help one to overcome the excess weakness that comes with dengue fever. Especially fruits with Vitamin C and citrus help prevent gastric problems and add fibre to the body giving it strength.

2. Coconut water

Dengue fever results in dehydration in the body, so coconut water is the best source of hydration and comes with a lot of nutrients and electrolyte properties that can help you recover and get better. It can also help you treat nausea that comes with the fever in many cases.

3. Papaya leaves

You have probably heard of papaya leaves as a popular remedy to treat dengue fever. This is because papaya leaves help in bringing the platelet count to normal and boosts one’s immunity to help fight the fever. Papaya leaves are usually consumed in the form of juice.

4. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea and hot fluids are always a good idea to consume when sick. Herbal teas especially ginger and cardamon hold a lot of antioxidants, compounds that prevent stress and damage to your body's DNA. This helps in recovering at a faster pace and strengthens one’s body.

Always avoid heavy and oily foods during dengue fever since they can further worsen your health and recovery process.

Note: This is a diet plan for anyone suffering from Dengue fever but is absolutely not an alternative to medicines and professional treatment.



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