Emergency Food Supply We Should Send For The Flood In Pakistan

Emergency Food Supply We Should Send For The Flood In Pakistan

Emergency Food Supply We Should Send For The Flood In Pakistan

Since the monsoon has begun this year, Pakistan has been majorly affected by it and has witnessed a natural calamity; a nationwide flood. 33 million people that is at least 15% of the country’s population has been drastically affected and is still trapped in their areas due to the inaccessibility created because of the flood destruction.

We have shared ways of how you can build an emergency food supply chain to donate;

  • Ready To Eat Canned food

Canned food is easy to consume and requires no preparation. It is quick to eat and can be stored for longer without rotting.

  • Dried fruits, coconut and nuts

These provide fiber and ample amount of nutrition to the body. It contains antioxidants which also helps recover from a lot of sickness and strengthens the body.

  • Packaged Juices Biscuits and Chips

Despite of the fact that these are not healthy to consume. But in a situation as serious as a flood, these should be sent for emergency munching and to fulfil starvation for a small period of time.

  • Plain cakes, rolls and breads

Plain cakes, rolls and breads without cream have slightly longer shelf life. And can be consumed for up to a couple of weeks even if stored in room temperature.

  • Dry Milk

Dry Milk has a long shelf life and can be easily consumed for better nutrition during the situation especially for infants and toddlers to fulfil their dietary requirement.

  • Dry ration

Dry ration such as roasted black chana and dates carry important nutrients to balance one’s diet. This will provide calcium and fiber for the body to help them recover from any digestion issues too.

  • Raw Ingredients

Raw ingredients like flour, lentils etc can only be sent to the people who are trapped in their house and have easy access to stove, utensils etc.

  • Bottled Water

This is a major NECESSITY that they need right now because of the diseases and contaminated water that comes with the flood outburst.

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