05 Freezer Friendly Snack Recipes You Can Prepare In Advance For Ramzan

05 Freezer Friendly Snack Recipes You Can Prepare In Advance For Ramzan

05 Freezer Friendly Snack Recipes You Can Prepare In Advance For Ramzan

Sometimes it gets really difficult to cook complete meals between busy schedules and you are on a lookout for easy to prepare snacks that don't take a lot of time and effort, yet still taste good. In order to achieve that, you can prepare some snack recipes that are freezer friendly beforehand. When you get caught up in busy routines, these freezer-friendly recipes can come in handy. Apart from that, they are perfectly easy recipes that you can prepare within minutes for tea parties, hi-teas, late-night cravings and most importantly, your Ramzan iftaar!  
Food Tribune has listed down the five best recipes that can be prepared in advance and can be enjoyed later by just frying them:

Tandoori chicken roll is easy to make recipe made with chicken marinated and cooked in tandoori spices, wrapped in bread. You can quickly freeze these rolls for later. Deep fry them after defrosting and enjoy with mint chutney! 
Check the recipe: Delicious Tandoori Chicken Rolls 

Another perfect freezer-friendly recipe is chicken box patties; these perfect chicken cheese squares are the ideal snack to prepare in advance. You can make them and freeze them in Tupperware. Deep fry them when you want to munch on these delicious box patties and pair them with ketchup or chili sauce for some delicious flavour! 
Check the recipe: Delicious Chicken Box Patties 

Let's be real - we are all big fans of kebabs, and they are the perfect snacks to freeze, which you can fry later and enjoy. This recipe is a delicious and hearty dish from South Asian cuisine made from grinding the meat along with onion, garlic cloves and a number of spices. This recipe can be served alongside daal chawal, pulao, or can be eaten with daal roti and mint chutney.
Check the recipe: Delicious Shami Kebabs 

Deliciously spiced chicken rolled into perfect little minced meatballs and served with skewers for an easy-to-make and easy-to-eat appetizer. This snack is ideal to put in the freezer and fry later to enjoy them. These chicken pops will be perfect for your evening iftaar and can be enjoyed later on during your midnight munchies as well. Also, they are definitely more different than your basic freezable snacks.
Check the recipe: Delicious Chicken Pops 

Samosas are everybody's favorite tea snack and sometimes even a necessity during iftaar times. Unfortunately, they are not very easy to prepare and thus, it is best to make them beforehand, freeze them, and deep fry them at the time of serving. They are deliciously deep-fried golden brown folded triangles of minced meat and fragrant spices, which make for the perfect snack! Pair them with your favorite sauce or chutney and enjoy!
Check the recipe: Delicious Chicken Samosas 

These are the perfect snacks that you can freeze and enjoy later, and they will still taste incredibly delicious. Fill up your iftaar platter with some delicious fried items and enjoy the treat with your family during the holy month.  Remember, don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

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