Ramadan Is Right Around The Corner: Are You Ready?

Ramadan Is Right Around The Corner: Are You Ready?

Ramadan Is Right Around The Corner: Are You Ready?

Preparing for Ramadan in advance is quite essential as this holy month calls for a lot of preparations so you can be as stress-free as possible. We are here to give you some tips that will keep you prepared and will help you spend your rozas with ease. 

Ramadan is only a few days away and food plays a huge role during this month. With a little organization and taking care of things in the kitchen beforehand, meal prep will be much easier for you, leaving more time to worship and less time on getting the food prepared for iftars. 

Here are a few kitchen organizing tips that you can start tackling now, so when the sacred month comes forth, you don’t go in panic mode: 

Begin with a plan: 
Planning is vital. With a little effort and planning, you will end up with a more productive kitchen during Ramadan. Plan in advance regarding the items that are needed and those that are not. Additionally, try to plan your meals beforehand as that will save you a lot of time and this will help you keep track of all the essential things needed to stock up in order to prepare those meals beforehand. 

Organize the pantry:
Arrange your pantry shelves so they are more easily accessible to you. Try to organize food items grouped by category, name or necessity. Make a list of what you need and what you already have so you don’t overbuy in a flurry of Ramadan shopping, and make sure you are stocked up on all the staples like spices, grains, flour, etc.

Purge the refrigerator:
We believe this point is extremely important; the fridge is your friend in the coming month of Ramadan. Purge your fridge before the month of Ramadan begins and see what is needed. Try to organize by storing food in ziplock bags and go through the contents already frozen in order to clear out as much space as possible for your new food items! 

Invest in some kitchen tools:
Now is the best time to go kitchen shopping. Having a few reliable quality kitchen appliances can save you time and energy. Invest in accessible kitchen gadgets that will make your work easier during fasting like a food processor, blender, etc. 

Check on appliances: 
Appliances need to be prepared beforehand and ready to go for Ramadan. Check each appliance you plan on using during Ramadan before the start of the month and make sure they are working perfectly. Microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, mixers, blenders, etc. are all essential and if any of your appliances need maintenance, make sure you get it fixed before Ramadan starts. 

As we get closer to Ramadan, we should start preparing well in advance to avoid any sort of panic and rush on the sighting of the moon. Remember, replenish yourself mentally and physically and make the best of this month. Follow these tips regularly and notice how each and every point is essential in order for you to be fully ready!

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