A Basic Guide To The Keto Diet

A Basic Guide To The Keto Diet

A Basic Guide To The Keto Diet

You must have heard of the keto diet. This diet contains foods with low-carbs and high-fat, and while high-fat may sound counter-intuitive to losing weight, many studies have shown that keto diet aids weight loss faster and more efficiently than any other diet, and provides other health benefits as well.



As mentioned earlier, the keto diet contains low-carb and high-fat proteins. It can help you lose weight by reducing the intake of carbohydrates and replacing it with fat. This changes your metabolic system and starts a process called ketosis- which is when the body does not receive glucose from carbohydrates and begins to burn up fat for energy. 

This diet can also cause a reduction in blood sugar levels and insulin levels. The keto diet has a number of other health benefits as well.



There are numerous types of keto diets, some of them are listed below:

1. Standard Keto Diet: The standard keto diet is the basic and first step diet for anyone new to this whole process. It is a low carb and high fat diet containing 75% fat, 20% protein and just 5% carbs.

2. Cyclical Keto Diet: The cyclical keto diet includes higher intake of carbs as compared to the standard keto diet. If in a week you have 5 days dedicated to high fat, then 2 days are assigned for low carbs.

3. Targeted Keto Diet: This diet is for fitness fans who regularly work out, and want to keep themselves up to date with the keto diet. This is a full carb diet which is only followed alongside specific workouts.

4. High-protein Keto Diet: This diet is also very similar to the standard keto diet, but what changes here is that the protein ratio increases in this. It’s usually 60% fat, 35% proteins and 5% carbs.




Diabetes increases changes in metabolism and has chances of higher blood sugars and can end in insulin infection. The keto diet can help you lose excess fat and lose weight quicker than other diets. According to different studies, some people were able to control their blood sugar levels and some diabetic participants even got to a point where they stopped needing their diabetes medication.




Other studies were also able to find out that keto diet has been helpful in the decreasing of weight. Recently, the keto diet has become popular as a weight loss method, and many people who went on this diet have been able to drop a few pounds. 



A set of other studies found that keto diet apart from aiding weight loss also brings about numerous other health benefits linked to preventing diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, while also aiding in clearer skin and better energy levels.



Keto diet contains a lot of benefits, once you start it, you will clearly see the differences daily. As any other diet, it will seem quite difficult to start and to stick to, but once you settle into it, it will be a lot more easier to continue. 



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