Chicken Box Patties


These deliciously golden brown deep fried chicken cheese squares are the perfect addition to any iftaar table. Serve hot with ketchup or your preferred sauce for a wonderful treat to bite into after a long day of fasting.

  • Medium
  • 3 person(s)
  • 20 Min


    • Butter1 tablespoon
    • Onion, MediumHalf, finely chopped
    • Flour2 tablespoon
    • Milk1 cup
    • Chicken Stock1 cup
    • Black Pepper1 teaspoon
    • White Pepper1 teaspoon
    • Garlic Powder½ teaspoon
    • Mix Herbs½ teaspoon
    • Capsicum¼, finely chopped
    • Shredded Chicken200 grams
    • Soya Sauce1 teaspoon
    • Red Chilli Powder½ teaspoon
    • Mustard Paste½ teaspoon
    • Flour2 tablespoon
    • WaterAs required
    • Samosa PattiAs required
    • Mozzarella Cheese, GratedAs required
    • Eggs, Beaten2
    • Bread CrumbsAs required
    • OilFor frying


  • In a pan add butter, onion chopped and saute till it turns brown.
  • Then add flour and mix well.
  • Then add milk gradually and mix until the sauce thickens.
  • Then add chicken stock and mix well.
  • Then add black pepper, white pepper and mix.
  • Then add garlic powder and mix herbs. Mix well.
  • Now add chopped capsicum and mix well. Keep it aside for later use.
  • In a bowl add shredded chicken, prepared white sauce, soya sauce, red chilli powder, mustard paste and mix well.
  • In small cup add flour and mix with water to make a sticky paste.
  • Now take a samosa patti, add a layer of flour and water paste. Now put another one on top of it, then add filling and mozzarella cheese. Seal from all 4 sides using the paste.
  • Now dip it in beaten eggs and cover it with bread crumbs.
  • Now deep fry the chicken box pattie until it turns brown.
  • Enjoy! Please give us your feedback in the comments below.
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