10 Must Have Iftars In Ramadan

10 Must Have Iftars In Ramadan

10 Must Have Iftars In Ramadan

Ramadan has become the favorite month of Muslim’s from all over the world. Not only because it brings them closer to god, I mean of course that too but also because each year they dine like never before. 
For those unknown, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslim’s from all across the world perform a 30 day ritual of Suhoor and Roza, where they have a meal before sun rises and fast throughout the day and break their fast when the sun sets. Throughout this period they perform many religious activities including praying, charity etc. Everything about this month is extremely calming with a sprinkle of excitement on it. 
Since feasting, oops I mean fasting is so close to our hearts we decided to list down a few of our favorite Iftar’s that are our ‘must haves’, every Ramadan.

We’ve never met a Pakistani who said no to garam-garam (hot) pakoray. And why would they, don’t you just love the crunchy crispy flavor, oh and if you pair it with our favorite Imli ki Chatni, I can feel my mouth water just by the thought of it. 

Pyaaz Pakoray with Imli Ki Chutney

Most of the countries have people fasting for more than 15 hours. One obviously needs to regain the energy lost throughout the day, what better thing than a bowl of your favorite fruits salad. The easiest and simplest food dish ever, you won’t even have to think of an extra dish for iftar everyday if you make a platter of fruits. To give your taste buds a change you can add some cream or juice on alternate days, to give healthy a tasty touch.

We’re all too cheesy whenever we want something from someone, and in Ramadan along with prayers, we’re also making cute demands to God, so while we add our cheesiness there, lets also save some for Chicken cheese balls. One can never be disappointed after having these. The small gooey C-H-E-E-S-Y goodness is what we crave all day, every day. Often people have a hard time making them and instead they order in, but if you follow the right recipe, you can end up saving a good amount of cash. 

A dish that no Pakistani has ever dismissed. Want someone to do something? Give them Biryani. Having a bad day? Have biryani. Hosting a party? Make Biryani. Is it Ramadan? Get Biryani. Everytime the chef asks what to cook today, the first word that comes out of the mouth is... well, you know, Biryani.
Although, if you’re craving some good biryani, better stay in Karachi or ask someone in Karachi to make it for you, or follow our recipe and become your family’s first Master chef.

Are you a seafood fan who’s stuck between their love for sea food and desi Iftar’s? Worry no more. Prawn pakoray is the dish for you. Everyone has a limited budget every month, and in Ramadan people sometimes tend to go a little overboard. Seafood as everyone know’s is pretty expensive, but if you get it raw, then it’s very affordable. All you need is some raw prawns and then follow our recipe and make Prawn pakoray at home. 

Often confused as a boring food, is not so boring in reality. Dates are a Sunnah in Islam especially because of the amount of health benefits they offer. You can now add these in a number of dishes/drinks to give yourself a good amount of health benefits. Banana-date smoothie, Vegan-chocolate date smoothie, Tahini date caramels, creamy orange date smoothie or if you want to avoid all the hard work then just add some dates in your bowl of fruit salad, and your good to go!!

The most wanted dish in Ramadan. Its sweet not only to the taste buds but also to ears, especially in Ramadan. Don’t get me wrong. You want to make someone smile, tell them you brought Jalebi’s for Iftar. The prefect Jalebi is crisp on the exterior, with a soft chewy texture inside which is filled with sugary sticky syrup. However, if you leave it in the sugar syrup for a little longer, it turns soggy and loses its taste.

Hosting an Iftar party? Can’t decide a new appetizer? Don’t worry, we got you. Try making this easy one bite papri and let your guests be left in awe.
A quirky and fun one-bite spin on the traditional papri chaat that is enjoyed as street food in South Asia. This dish is great to serve as an appetizer and would make the perfect addition to any Iftar menu.

If you belong to a joint family system, deciding what to make for Iftar must be more difficult than making the Iftar itself. Try making these bread pockets and leave your family members wanting more.
Shredded chicken and finely chopped veggies come together in a delicious mayo sauce to form the filling for these delightfully crispy and golden deep-fried bread pockets. Serve hot with ketchup or the sauce of your choice for an easy to make and easy to eat iftar snack. Follow our recipe and be the Iftar-changer.

The sweeter you eat, the sweeter you treat (everyone around you). After all the spicy fill up’s, people are expected to go like ‘kuch meetha hojaye’ , so why not? Serve this Kheer  made from sago pearls or as it is called Tapioca pearls. Its health benefits are numerous as it is rich in calcium and iron. If given to kids it helps in their muscle building. Follow our recipe and become a kitchen pro.


Being a Pakistani, food has always been my comforter, be it me getting happy over a happy meal or my father asking me to go to school just to get sweets in return. Food is not just about eating, its a sentiment that connects people with each other. I started writing for Food Tribune because of my love for food.


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