One Bite Papri


A quirky and fun one-bite spin on the traditional papri chaat that is enjoyed as street food in South Asia. This dish is great to serve as an appetizer and would make the perfect addition to any Iftari menu.

  • Easy
  • 4 person(s)
  • 20 Min


    • All - purpose flour2 cups
    • Carom seeds1 table spoon
    • Ghee2 table spoon
    • WaterAS REQUIRED
    • Potatoes, boiled2 – 3
    • Chili flakes½ tablespoon
    • Chat masala1 tablespoon
    • Tamarind pulp1 tablespoon
    • Lemon juice1 tablespoon
    • Saltto taste
    • Yogurt1 cup
    • Water2 tablespoon
    • Chickpeas, boiledas per need
    • Tomatoes, choppedas per need
    • Onion, choppedas per need
    • Sevas per need
    • Coriander, choppedas per need


  • In a mixing bowl, combine all-purpose flour with salt, carom seeds, ghee and mix well.
  • Add water in the mixture and knead the dough. Keep it aside for later use.
  • To make the potato filling: mash the potatoes.
  • Add chili flakes, chaat masala, tamarind chutney, lemon juice, salt and mix well. Keep it aside for later use.
  • To make the sweetened yogurt: In a bowl combine yogurt with sugar, water and whisk well. Keep it aside for later use.
  • For the papri: take a ball sized dough, make a flat bread out of it.
  • Then with a cookie cutter or circular tool, cut the dough.
  • Heat oil in a wok, fry all the cut dough for papri until golden brown.
  • Now, fill each papri with mashed potatoes, boiled chickpeas, diced tomatoes, chopped onions, tamarind chutney, flavored yogurt, sev and chopped coriander.
  • Enjoy! Please give us your feedback in the comments below.
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