6 Easy Ways To Make "Movie-Time" Snacks

6 Easy Ways To Make "Movie-Time" Snacks

6 Easy Ways To Make "Movie-Time" Snacks

What’s the point of binge-watching if you’re not binge-eating alongside? Both of them go hand in hand. What’s the point of watching your favorite movie without something to munch on? We know cooking isn’t everyone’s forte but one can’t always spend their hard earned money on food, which is why we’ve made a list of a few easy to make snacks that literally ANYONE can make. We can assure you that after finishing this blog, you’ll have the confidence to host the next movie night for your friends and family and make the snacks at home on your own. 


Let’s start with the easiest and tastiest. Spice up your horror movies even further with crispy and crunchy chicken and since nothing says movie time better than cheese; pair it up with cheese sauce. Follow this recipe of chicken hot shots and leave your family wanting more.


If you love potatoes, then this recipe is heaven for you. This is that one dish that can serve happiness to both chicken and potato addicts, and with the addition of cheese, this becomes the ultimate movie time snack. Cheese balls are known as a mid-day snack, so while your kids are having a movie marathon with their friends, serve these deliciously hot chicken cheese balls and pair them with ketchup or cheese sauce. Follow this recipe to keep your kids entertained by this delicious snack.



Horror movies aren’t the only things that can make you scream, jalapeno poppers can do that too, but will that stop you from having either? Didn’t think so. Juicy and deliciously spicy jalapenos stuffed with mozzarella cheese, this snack will bring intense flavors to your movie watching experience. Follow this recipe to make Jalapeno poppers at home and pair them up with mint lemonade to control the spice.



A cheesy spin on a classic recipe- these delicious kebabs are made with tender and succulent chicken prepared with rich cream and cheese. With a barbecue touch, these kebabs are sure to leave you wanting for more, so pair these up with a chick flick and enjoy both with your girl-friends on a Saturday night. Follow this recipe to make malai chicken cheese kebabs at home.



Gulp all the action down with sweet summer cocktail made from pineapples and coconut water.  This delicious blend serves as a great energy booster and is perfect for brightening up your mood, so when your favorite character dies, have a glass of Pina Colada and forget the previous hour’s sorrows. Follow this recipe to make Pina Colada at home.



Want to know the best combination ever? Rom-coms and desserts. Watch a fun and silly romantic comedy with your spouse or with your best friends  and make some deliciously gooey chocolate brownies that can be enjoyed fresh out of the oven, or with a dollop of cream. Follow this recipe to make Chocolate brownies at home with expertise.


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