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Emergency Food Supply We Should Send For The Flood In Pakistan

Since the monsoon has begun this year, Pakistan has been majorly affected by it and has witnessed a natural calamity; a nationwide flood.


4 Foods for Dengue Treatment at Home

Dengue has been rapidly spreading in Pakistan since 2010 according to the World Health Organization.


Ghousia Nalli Biryani | The Legendary Eats Of Karachi

Biryani has remained the top food pick for people of South Asia for decades


Is a Calorie Deficit diet a healthy way to lose extra fat?

Most of us have heard that a calorie deficit is a crucial step to losing weight. But why is it required and is it a healthy thing to do?


Innovative Cuisine with Al Baghdadi | The Legendary Eats Of Karachi

When bored with the same old type of food every day, it’s frustrating finding something new to try.


Shams Chaat House | The Legendary Eats Of Karachi

 After tasting the scrumptious special chana chaat at Shams Chaat house, we can surely call it legendary!


The Famous Al Rehman Biryani | The Legendary Eats Of Karachi

Al Rehman Biryani never disappoints, served temptingly hot each time you order, with a side of the famous Raita and Salad.


Authentic And Affordable The Famous Thaali in Karachi

52 Thaali has certainly set a standard when it comes to fresh, authentic, and affordable food that sticks to its roots.