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Innovative Cuisine with Al Baghdadi | The Legendary Eats Of Karachi

When bored with the same old type of food every day, it’s frustrating finding something new to try.


Shams Chaat House | The Legendary Eats Of Karachi

 After tasting the scrumptious special chana chaat at Shams Chaat house, we can surely call it legendary!


The Famous Al Rehman Biryani | The Legendary Eats Of Karachi

Al Rehman Biryani never disappoints, served temptingly hot each time you order, with a side of the famous Raita and Salad.


Authentic And Affordable The Famous Thaali in Karachi

52 Thaali has certainly set a standard when it comes to fresh, authentic, and affordable food that sticks to its roots.


3 Refreshing drinks you should try this summer!

Summertime has us dreaming of chilled lemonades, sorbets, and water parks to help us get through the heat of the summer.


Fact or Myth: Is Dark chocolate healthy?

Wouldn’t it be a dream to find out that there can be a type of chocolate that’s actually healthy?


Low carb, high protein foods

Here are few delicious foods that are high in protein.


Health Benefits of Watermelon

Here are few of the most important health benefits of watermelon.