Is a Calorie Deficit diet a healthy way to lose extra fat?

Is a Calorie Deficit diet a healthy way to lose extra fat?

Is a Calorie Deficit diet a healthy way to lose extra fat?

Most of us have heard that a calorie deficit is a crucial step to losing weight. But why is it required and is it a healthy thing to do? These are the questions that would usually pop up in one’s mind after hearing this phrase. Since weight loss is not an easy task to achieve or stay committed to, we've jotted down some ideas to help you lose weight through a calorie-deficit diet. 

What is a calorie deficit diet?
It is as the phrase suggests, less intake of calories than usual but enough to fuel daily activities. Calorie Deficit is the intake of 500 calories per day or to burn more calories with the help of physical activity for a consistent time period to experience visible differences.

Smart calorie intake:
In order to take fewer calories you can follow these smart tips:

1. Eliminate Sugar 

Sugar in most forms is usually your enemy for health, so either completely eliminate sugar intake, especially in the form of processed goods like sodas and candies. These have no nutritional value but a lot of free calories.

2. Avoid Processed food

Fast food, packaged and machine-run food is known to have more cons than pros. Since these foods are inorganic, they tend to put in a lot of calories in comparison to their nutritional benefits.

3. Small Portions

One way to trick your mind is by eating home-cooked, minimally processed meals in smaller portions, this will ultimately control your calorie intake too.

Is this a healthy way to lose weight?
A calorie deficit is a substantial and smart way to lose weight if done properly. One has to take minimum calories without starving himself by consuming food with rich nutritional value for greater energy. Losing weight is not an easy task, but one must stay committed to achieving their goal. 


Calorie deficit should only be followed when one needs to lose weight only.

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