05 Must Try Snacks For Iftar

05 Must Try Snacks For Iftar

05 Must Try Snacks For Iftar

Apart from spiritual blessings and a lot of praying, Ramzan is all about food. There is nothing better than a table full of yummy delicious food after long hours of fasting. However, if you are tired of the basic samosas and pakoras that you see in your iftar menu every other day, then we have listed down some fantastic snacks/appetizer recipes that are different, yet incredibly delicious. So if you are not scared to step out of the box and try some new exciting recipes, then these five snacks/appetizer recipes are must-try for you!

This is a unique recipe which is a combination of rice mixed with minced chicken for an incredibly delicious looking and tasting recipe. It is marinated in different spices, made into a ball-like shape and topped with boiled rice as a dressing and steamed to perfection. This unique method of cooking this dish is surely set to impress your guests or family members. 
For the recipe, click here.

These baked potato jackets are different from your traditional iftar snacks, yet amazingly delicious. They are stuffed with a combination of mixed vegetables, tomato puree and mozzarella cheese, making it a wholesome appetizer. This recipe is straightforward to make and is a treat of warm, cheesy goodness to your iftaar table. 
For the recipe, click here.

We are all fans of pizza, but something better than your regular pizza are Mini Pizza Quiches. These delicious quiches are stuffed with chicken and topped with mouth-watering mozzarella goodness. They are the perfect snack for all your iftaar parties and will surely complement your main dish well. 
For the recipe, click here. 

In this recipe, jalapenos have been hollowed out and are filled with cheese and spices and fried till perfection, leaving it to a crunchy texture. Let your taste buds devour this cheesy scrumptious goodness in order to break your fast.
For the recipe, click here.

Shredded chicken and finely chopped veggies come together in delicious mayo sauce made into delightfully crispy golden deep-fried bread pockets. Serve them hot alongside with ketchup or the sauce of your choice for an easy to make iftar snack. 

For the full recipe, click here.

These five snack recipes will surely make your iftar worth a wait. Try these delicious recipes and don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

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