Quick Snacks To Munch On During Movie Night

Quick Snacks To Munch On During Movie Night

Quick Snacks To Munch On During Movie Night

Who doesn’t like the idea of movie night while munching on a bunch of snacks? We are sure everybody has a movie list they have to complete before Oscars come around, and movie night is a must during winter season.
We are here to give you some quick snacks to make at home. They are relatively simple and full of flavor and we are sure you will be satisfied with these snacks even if the movie fails to satisfy you.

Let’s start with the most-loved movie night snack which is also a classic- popcorn. Majority of the people prefer this over any other snack mostly because you can get this crunchy goodness just by pressing some buttons on your microwave within minutes. With plenty of flavors one can choose from classic butter to cheesy parmesan to sweet caramel, popcorn will satisfy your taste buds and be your best friend on a movie night if you want to keep it simple, yet tasty.

This is the best option for someone who prefers more flavor and spice. It is easy to whip at home and is full of flavors. It does not require a lot of steps but will keep your appetite satisfy for sure.
Get some tortilla chips, top it with guacamole, sour cream, cayenne pepper and lime juice and enjoy it with salsa and cheddar cheese dip. We guarantee you will thank us later!

If you are not big fan of salty treats on your movie night and have a massive sweet tooth, this one is for you. Chocolate covered strawberries are the most delicious sweet indulgence you can have while watching your favorite movie.
All you have to do is dip some strawberries in melted chocolate and freeze them for few hours and voila, it’s done!

When we think about a classic movie theater candy, all we can think about is butter fingers. This classic candy is made of candy corn covered in peanut butter and chocolate. We are sure you will not stop reaching for these butter fingers bars throughout the movie night.

If pizza is your most favorite movie theater snack, we highly recommend you to try these cheese pizza sticks, made from pizza dough filled with melted mozzarella goodness. This is also a great alternative to your classic mozzarella sticks. 
We are sure this cheesy treat will get you through a bone crushing cliffhanger if thriller is your go-to choice on movie night. They taste best when served with spicy salsa dip.

These are all the snacks you must try on your next movie night. Gather your friends, cook up these delicious snacks and thank us later! 


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