Spice up your Iftar with this Sriracha sauce by Kanas

Spice up your Iftar with this Sriracha sauce by Kanas

Spice up your Iftar with this Sriracha sauce by Kanas

This Ramadan, continuing its tradition, Kanas has exclusively launched Sriracha sauce which is best known for its unique, irresistible and addictive taste across the world. Sriracha, also known as the rooster sauce, owes its peculiar, hot and tangy taste to a savory blend of pepper chilies and sugar which directly sets it apart from other hot sauces. Being the very first to introduce this sauce in Pakistan proves that Kanas has always put customers at the heart of its business.
Instead of the clichéd flavors, Kanas took its expertness to next level and came out with a taste richly rooted in Thai culinary. Iftar dishes, when dipped in the ambrosial Sriracha sauce, will certainly double the pleasure, thus revitalising the joys of the holy month. Purity is the emblem of Kanas which continues to reflect in this relish. Prepared with carefully selected best quality ingredients and under the very definition of international standards, Kanas knows what is meant by ‘delivering the best’.
Sriracha sauce was dispatched in some of the Tehzeeb outlets and received much appreciation and admiration from the consumers. The sauce became popular amongst the people of the twin cities so much that within a week of its release, a significant rise in public demand validated yet another successful experimentation by Kanas.

Customers shared their delightful experiences of trying the sauce with various snacks. Ms Seher meticulously revealed how Sriracha complimented to her taste while Ms Bushra shared how delicious the combination of pakoras and Sriracha turned out.
Ms Attia congratulated Kanas on introducing this scrumptious sauce and how much she enjoyed it with nachos and spring rolls. Mrs Tariq, another fan of the condiment, expressed, “it’s perfect for Iftars. I’ll definitely grab some more.” The growing clamor has made the sauce so desirable that it is causing Kanas to restock its products in myriad grocery stores.

On this remarkable occasion, CEO Kanas (Pvt) Ltd, Mr Usman Khalil Noon expressed that, “Kanas dream is simply to be the best in its expertise. Therefore, after tiring efforts, production of the best sauce from the finest ingredients was made possible.

As promised, Kanas renders another exciting flavor in its range of sauces, adding one more achievement to the list. By all odds, Kanas’s Siracha sauce will zest up your Ramadan as it tantalises the taste buds of all ages, making Iftar as scrumptious as possible.




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