Try These 5 Restaurant Worthy Food Tribune Recipes

Try These 5 Restaurant Worthy Food Tribune Recipes

Try These 5 Restaurant Worthy Food Tribune Recipes

With the lockdown still in full swing, many of us miss dining out and enjoying a nice dinner over the weekend. Well, need not worry - how about bring the restaurant experience to your own kitchen? The meals can be delicious, hygienic and healthy at the same time, all while promoting social distancing within the comforts of your own home.

We are not sure when the situation will be undercovered, but we all crave for some good restaurant food. Check out these five recipes that will give you restaurant experience like no other: 

Well, of course, if we talk about restaurant eating experience, we can't forget about starters. Although Food Tribune has a wide variety of starters that will satisfy your taste buds, dynamite chicken stays on the top of it. Found on almost every restaurant menu, dynamite chicken is everybody's first choice when it comes to eating out. It is chicken dipped in the sweet and spicy orange sauce and fried till perfection. This tangy and delicious recipe will do wonders for your dinner table. 
Try the full recipe here


We all are guilty of hitting eateries for some unusual recipes, and we believe this year we will surely miss trying new dishes. Food Tribune brings you this not so usual recipe of chicken rice momos, which you should give a try to if you love stepping out of your comfort zone. This is a unique combination of steamed rice with minced chicken marinated using several spices and sauces. Made in a ball-like shape and covered in rice as dressing, this dish will surely bring the restaurant experience right back home!
Find the full recipe here.


This one is a cult favorite and a hit on almost every restaurant's menu, and we are sure many of you are craving creamy alfredo pasta like we are. Penne pasta cooked in a light creamy sauce with different spices leaving to it a creamy texture. This easy to prepare recipe will surely give you the feel of the restaurant, but in your home!
Find the full recipe here.


Orange chicken is also one of those dishes that will give you a restaurant feel, but in the comfort of your home. This is a flavorful dish that has a perfect combination of sweet and sour flavors, marinated in several spices and natural orange juice, to give it a tangy taste. This dish will be a showstopper on your dinner table. 
Find the full recipe here.


We all have our favourite restaurants for Chinese now and then and with the current lockdown, it is undoubtedly something we miss. This dish encapsulates spicy flavors perfectly, made with several vegetables and spices and served alongside fried rice. This dish will bring the Asian touch you were craving for. 
Find the full recipe here.


These five dishes will surely be your best friend if you love eating out and enjoy restaurant food. We might have to stay indoors, but that certainly does not mean eating boring food!

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