Lahore Food Tales

Lahore Food Tales

Lahore Food Tales

If you’ve ever been to Lahore or had a Lahori friend, you’d know that this city celebrates food like none other. Lahore is the main hub of food and the natives are the biggest foodies in the country. Celebrating food is a part of their culture and they are very proud of it. The taste and ideology of food is very different compared to other cities yet some iconic dishes have travelled across borders to set new standards.   

Lahori Red Chicken:  
This creamy red chicken curry is prepared with various fragrant spices and tomatoes, which lend it its unique color and flavor. This is a Lahori specialty, and is served with hot naan, thinly rolled chapati, or steamed rice.

Lahori Fried Fish:   
Lahori fish is delectable seafood served at Lahore Food Street. It is known to be a spicy and juicy seafood dish. The gram flour batter makes it crunchy from the outside and juicy from the inside. The fish can be served with mint chutney or eaten as it is.

Murgh Chholay
Murgh chholay is a popular dish of Punjabi origin. This dish gets its taste from cooking chickpeas with chicken and spices, which lends it taste and aroma. It is traditionally served as breakfast alongside roghni and tandoori naan, but can be served for lunch or dinner as well.

Deghi Roast:     
This whole chicken marinated with spices is a deep fried delicacy from Lahore. It is called Nawabi Chargha because of the unique flavors used in its preparation. It can be served with rice or naan.

Hara Masala Cholay:   
Spicy and delicious chickpea gravy made with a combination of blended hara masala with spices. This scrumptious dish is amazing for lunch and dinner. It goes well with chapati, puri, roti and cumin rice.

Here you have a guide to the best dishes from the kitchens of Lahore. Its very easy to be lost in this food obsessed city, which is why this food guide will help you make the most out of your Lahori experience.   



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