Karachi Food Tales

Karachi Food Tales

Karachi Food Tales

Karachi stands out in face of other cities merely due to its rich flavor and cuisine. With tons of diversity contributed by cultures dating from partition days, the city never lacks a good place to eat or a dawat without delicious food. If you’re new to cooking and want to try out the precise dish Karachi is famous for, we’ve got you covered. Grab your apron, put on your favourite music and start cooking! 

Chicken Tikka

Karachi is not only the hub of Tikka botis, but renowned restaurants have been making businesses only through the sale of this BBQ item. Tender and succulent chicken leg marinated in classic Indian spices, popular across the subcontinent, this dish perfectly encapsulates traditional subcontinental flavors. You can serve this with parathas, chapatis, or naan for the perfect lunch or dinner option.

Chicken Kofta 

Even though this dish may sound like your usual homemade dish, Karachites have a spark in making it more delicious than ever. This is a combination of minced chicken and aromatic herbs and spices rolled into delicious meatballs served with a spicy curry. This is also a classic subcontinental dish that can be enjoyed with rice or chapati.

Seekh Kabab

Another BBQ item Karachi stands out in, this is delicious minced beef tenderized with papaya and rolled into kebabs. Seekh Kababs can be made in various sizes depending on your preference and served with puri paratha and chutney for its impeccable taste. 

Prawn Pakoray 

Situated at the heart of the Arabian Sea, one cannot possibly skip out on the abundance in seafood Karachi has to offer. Prawn pakoray (or fritters) are a delicious addition to hi-tea party. Using fresh prawns deep fried in an irresistible batter, and served with mint chutney, these are sure to impress your guests.

Prawn Karahi 

Since we’re already on the topic of seafood, why not amp up your basic Chicken Karahi by adding in prawns. Not only does this make a delicious curry, but also allows you, as a Karachite, to experiment with the variety of seafood readily available. 

Chicken Samosa 

Karachi is also famous for simple, easy finger foods that go well with your evening chai. Deliciously deep-fried golden brown folded triangles of minced meat and fragrant spices, pair them with your favorite sauce or chutney, and you have yourself a traditional favorite.

We hope you were devoured by all the descriptions and recipes, because we surely are! There are tons of other recipes Karachi is famous for since there really isn’t a better entertainment than trying a new eatery every weekend. 




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