Chicken Tikka


Tender and succulent chicken leg marinated in classic Indian spices, popular across the subcontinent. This dish perfectly encapsulates traditional subcontinental flavors. Serve with parathas, chapatis, or naan for the perfect lunch or dinner option.

  • Medium
  • 3 person(s)
  • 15 mins


    • Turmeric powder½ teaspoon
    • Red chili powder½ teaspoon
    • Hot spice powder½ teaspoon
    • Kachri powder½ teaspoon
    • Black pepper powder½ teaspoon
    • Garam Masala½ teaspoon
    • Cumin powder½ teaspoon
    • SaltTo taste
    • Coriander powder1 teaspoon
    • Lemon juice1 tablespoon
    • Ginger garlic paste1 tablespoon
    • Yogurt1 cup
    • Papaya paste2-3 tablespoons
    • Cream½ cup
    • Green chili paste1 teaspoon
    • Paprika powderA pinch
    • Chicken Leg2 pieces


  • In a bowl, add turmeric powder, red chili powder, hot spice powder, kachri powder, Black pepper powder, garam masala, cumin powder, salt, coriander powder, lemon juice, ginger garlic paste, yogurt, papaya paste, cream, green chili paste and mix it well.
  • Add a pinch of paprika powder and mix it.
  • In a mixing bowl add chicken leg pieces and pour the marinade over it. Mix well.
  • Make diagonal cuts over the chicken. Let it marinate for 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Grill on a high flame for 3-4 minutes, rotating the kebabs so that all sides are cooked evenly.
  • Enjoy! Please give us your feedback in the comments below.
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  • anonymous
    (4 years ago)
    very good idea
  • anonymous
    (4 years ago)
    Waow amazing rcp thx a lot 4 sharng yr tasteful rcp keep on sendng will try yr way very soon