How To Have An Outdoor Dining Experience At Home During This Pandemic

How To Have An Outdoor Dining Experience At Home During This Pandemic

How To Have An Outdoor Dining Experience At Home During This Pandemic

"Let's go out for a fine dine," was a pretty normal phrase in our lives until we reached the pandemic. Now, if anyone asks us about dining outside in a restaurant, we all freak out, and why not, we all have a valid reason too. And because of the current situation of the world and this pandemic, outdoor dining has turned into a huge deal this year as all the families and friends used to gather and go to their favorite restaurants for fine dining. But as we all know, the current situation of the world has gotten us into a pandemic, so outdoor dining is something that we cannot take the risk to do at the moment.  But, don't lose hope, we will get you covered on how you can have the same experience of outdoor fine dining at home through this blog.

We have some amazing outdoor dining experience ideas that will help you out and make this all easy instead of hectic. This will give you not only an outdoor dining experience but also a fresh environment and a change in your daily lives that will lift your mood in no time. Having exquisite dinner in your yard under an open sky sounds excellent, and we are sure it will even feel better.

You can call over your close family or friends to share and enjoy your outdoor dining experience at home while maintaining a safe distance. We all surely miss going out with our closed ones before this pandemic occurred. So, this is your chance to relive those memories and create new ones.

Decorate Your Front Yard/Backyard:

First things first, if you want to have a fine dine experience at home during this pandemic, then start from the basic steps. You don't have to go over-the-top to decorate your front yard/backyard. And the main idea behind decorating your yard is so you can have 100% experience of outdoor dining at home. If you have movable tables and chairs, then set them down in your yard in the middle right under the sky. You can enjoy your food and fresh air together. You can also put on some fairy lights for your yard to give off a different and more bright vibe. If you have plants, then now is your chance to use them for your fine dine at home experience. Set them down around your surroundings and enjoy the freshness of the plants along with your fine dine experience.

Prepare Food that Doesn’t Require too much of Your Time:

As a matter of fact, if you are going for fine dining at home experience, then you need a full 3-course meal; starters, main course, desserts, and of course, some refreshing drinks. But you also need to prepare food that doesn't take too much of your time.

For Starters: Don't need to go for exclusive dishes, just stick to the ones that don't consume too much of your time. For starters, you can prepare Dynamite Chicken and Mozzarella Sticks with marinara sauce. These two dishes don't take too much of your time and give you the experience of fine dining at home.

Prep Time (separately): 20-25 minutes.

For Main Course: While thinking about what to make for the main course, opt for dishes that take a maximum of 45 minutes. For main course meals, you should prepare something that reminds you of outdoor dining at home. You can try out our recipes of Pan Seared Chicken and Beef Chili Dry, and both dishes work best with rice. And if you want to try out something Italian, then go for our recipe of Alfredo Pasta, which will for sure remind you of your experience of fine dining at home.

Prep Time (separately): 30-45 minutes.

For Drinks: This summer, you need drinks that will be refreshing for your soul, so you can try Mint Lemonade, which is undoubtedly refreshing and will also help you digest your food. But if you want to try something with a thick texture, then opt for Pina Colada, a pure delight to beat the heat of the summer. 

Prep Time (separately): 10-15 minutes.

For Dessert: No meal is complete without dessert. Yes, I’m talking about a dessert that’s made in under 30 minutes. And that dessert is none other than Chocolate Brownie. A deliciously gooey dish that will definitely hit you right at your sweet tooth and leave you completely satisfied. 

Prep Time: 25 minutes.

These were some of our outdoor dining experience ideas for you, so you all can have the chance to try out fine dining at home. The decorations and food, along with its ingredients, are completely budget-friendly, and, obviously, the fun you will have with your closed ones costs nothing. Do try this out and get a chance to relive your old memories with the hope that this pandemic ends soon, and we all can go back to our normal lives.

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