7 Dishes You Must Make On Eid ul Adha

7 Dishes You Must Make On Eid ul Adha

7 Dishes You Must Make On Eid ul Adha

Whether you agree or not, Eid al Adha is all about food. It marks the beginning of barbecue sessions and overeating.  On one hand, the sacrifice makes our eyes water while on the other hand, the food makes our mouth water. This year Eid al Adha is expected on the 11th of August, which will also double the Independence Day celebrations of Pakistan which is on the 14th of August, making it the fourth day of Eid. In Pakistan, Eid is a celebration like no other, and we know how important food is when we’re celebrating. 
For Eid al Adha 2019, we’ve made a list of food dishes that you MUST make: 

These are delicious mutton chops marinated in traditional spices and cooked in a creamy sauce, with a palatable taste and aromatic scent. It serves as a finger-licking appetizer, and will leave your family looking forward to the main course. The best part about Eid al Adha is that you have meat in excessive quantity, in all forms and sizes, so you can make this dish more than once. 

Mutton liver marinated and cooked in various herbs and spices, this is a popular breakfast dish in Yemen. Kebda can be served as a main course with rice or naan on the sides. It is sure to serve very well to the spice-addicted taste buds of Pakistani people. Make this delicious dish on Eid and welcome your guests with a dish from the global cuisine.

This dish is especially for those people who love subtle flavor and spices, Galawat ka Qeema is an exceptional dish that is marinated in roasted spices and cooked at a high flame. Prepare this delicious qeema for your guests at this year’s Eid dawat and pair them with naan or kulchas to double the flavor. 

It is most likely for you to be stocked with an excessive amount of meat, even after giving 1/3 of it for charity and the other to your family/friends, after the Eid sacrifice. Now with so much meat at hand, you get an opportunity to try new recipes, so try this traditional Italian invention and make Spaghetti Bolognese, which is cooked with beef mince, for your family dinner.

The Bihari community of Pakistan is known for their delicious food dishes, Bihari Qeema being one of their creation is slightly different from the simple qeema. Here, beef mince is marinated in spices and then stir fried by giving it a coal smoke. It goes well with naan and is mostly served during dinner. 
It is sure to win the hearts of all your guests, so make this on Eid and win their hearts over.

We all saw this coming!
Beef Nihari is considered one of the most popular dishes of Pakistani cuisine. It is everyone’s favorite and is also one of the ‘Eid specials’ which is paired with Tandoori naan and is served extremely hot. We won’t lie and say that it’s an easy to make dish, because it’s not; it requires effort and if followed correctly, the outcome is amazing. Here’s a step by step guide for you to make Nihari this Eid.


You were waiting for this one, weren’t you? 
Eid or not, Biryani is that one dish that the people in Karachi love eating any time, any day. 
Hence, it is a must for your next Eid dawat.




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