7 Dinner Ideas You Can Try This Week

7 Dinner Ideas You Can Try This Week

7 Dinner Ideas You Can Try This Week

Monday is here and the tiring work week has only just begun. If you’re feeling lethargic already, we completely understand since Monday means getting back to reality and moving away from a very relaxing and sleepy weekend. The start to the week also means planning ahead and organizing yourself so you don’t remain hungry throughout the week.
We have covered seven effortless recipes for you that will leave you from stressing about dinners. We have included everything from chicken to seafood to pasta- there is something for every picky eater out there without making any of the recipes complicated. From Chinese to Indian cuisines, we’ve got a whole list you can check out.

If you want to try something different from your usual dinner recipes, then this orange chicken is for you. It is a flavorful dish that is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. It is a step up from your classic fried chicken marinated in a mixture of sauces alongside fresh orange juice to give it a tangy taste. This recipe can be the star of your dinner.
Try this orange chicken recipe now!

This one's a classic! It is a favorite across all over South East Asia. Even though there are thousands of variations of biryani around Asia, Bombay biryani remains one of the most popular one amongst all. Prepared with ground spices, chicken and rice, this recipe encapsulates spice, taste and warmth all in one. It is best served with raita and salad. 
Give this bombay biryani recipe a try now! 

If you want to try something different from your usual chicken dinners, then you should give this ginger prawns recipe a try. It is a delicious spin on your regular seafood, cooked in ginger giving them a unique taste. You can serve this recipe with rice to balance out all the flavours in the dish.

Who doesn't like a boneless handi that is full of flavors? Chicken Tikka Handi is one of the most popular flavors of South Asian cuisine and dates back to as old as the Mughal era. It is a combination of a number of masalas and spices for authentic South Asian flavours and is extremely simple to cook at home. Serve with naan and chutney and cherish this flavorful chicken tikka handi recipe. 

If you are not fond of meat for dinner or want to opt for more vegetarian options, this delicious lentil dish is what you should try. It has a rich and creamy texture and is very tasty and nutritious. Try this daal makhni recipe alongside chapatti or naan.

Schezwan Chicken is a Chinese dish for anyone with a spicy platter. Made with a number of spices and vegetables, this dish encapsulates aroma and taste all in one for a delicious meal. ou can pair the gravy with simple boiled rice, jasmine rice or vegetable fried rice for a wholesome experience.

This is one out of the box idea which you can try on dinner; this creamy fajita recipe is a one-pot wonder that is a mix of different vegetables, spices and mozzarella cheese all in one. Filled with delicious flavors, this creamy fajita recipe will be the star of your dinner and will be loved by all. 

All these dinner options are listed in variety, covering all sorts of platters and cuisines. You can repeat your dinners or plan to cook a new dish each day, whatever suits your schedule. However, we know something for sure – you won’t be disappointed even the slightest bit and will be coming back for more! 


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