Your Guide to Desi Veganism

Your Guide to Desi Veganism

Your Guide to Desi Veganism

What is Veganism?

Before you set out on your journey as a vegan minority in Pakistan, first understand the difference between veganism and vegetarianism. Acknowledge that veganism is a consumption lifestyle which involves eliminating all animal products from the diet, including, but not limited to, animal milk and eggs. Meanwhile, vegetarianism merely involves abstaining from eating meat or fish. Basically, veganism is a rather restricted form of vegetarianism.

Why Choose this Lifestyle?

While there are lots of reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle, it undeniably has some great health benefits too:

1.    It greatly improves your skin and hair
2.    It is a very effective weight loss technique
3.    It can help prevent many kids of cancers
4.    It can combat type 2 diabetes

How to Make the Switch:

It can be difficult to give up so many of your favorite things, but once you’ve made up your mind, here are some tips to make sure you remain on the right path:

1.    Commit to the vegan way
2.    Draw up a meal plan 
3.    Find vegan alternatives for your cravings

Let’s elaborate further on these three tips. 

1. Commitment

Unquestionably, the lure of doodhpathi, parathas and malai boti may leave one debating their vegan journey from ‘dusk till dawn.’ Therein, the key to commitment involves acquainting yourself with the misfortune of carnivores alongside the bliss of saving Mother Nature.
Arguably, during the course of this journey you may perceive carnivores as the luckiest creed, especially when your abominable cravings kick in. However, scientists have systematically expostulated that excessive meat consumption can increase your vulnerability to vices such as a heart stroke and disease. Moreover, your chewy Mongolian Beef  will inevitably introduce you to weight gain, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

2. Planning Out your Meals

Making lists is boring, difficult work, but fortunately, we’ve got it all under control for you, by listing the go-to staples every Pakistani vegan must hoard up on. 
Firstly, explore replacements for dairy products (a conventional staple in every household). Herein, instead of full-fat cow milk, allow your taste buds to enjoy vegan-friendly delicacies such as coconut milk, almond milk,  or even soy milk ( ps: they come in different flavors, are low in calories and on your wallet)
Furthermore, take your kitchen to utopia with the following vegan-friendly ingredients:

Brown rice

3. Find Vegan Alternatives for your Favorites

A predicament in every Pakistani household, restaurant, hotel etc., is “What’s for dessert?” Fortunately veganism does not mean you need to restrain yourself from your favorite sweets, rather you must maneuver your favorite desserts to suit your vegan lifestyle.

So when you’re craving some gajar ka halwa , kheer or barfee, just replace milk powder with coconut milk powder. Otherwise, to satiate your cravings for cakes, frosting or mousse, resort to dairy-free whipped cream, cocoa powder and soy, almond, or dairy-free milk.

Once you make the decision and feel the benefits of veganism, as well as understand how you can still your favorite things without guilt and stress, you’ll never go back to a non-vegan diet again! 




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