5 Delectable Ways To Enjoy Falsa In Summer

5 Delectable Ways To Enjoy Falsa In Summer

5 Delectable Ways To Enjoy Falsa In Summer

Falsa - A sweet tangy summer treat!
Falsa or Phalsa known as the Indian Sherbet Berry is a succulent fruit enjoyed in Summer in the subcontinent. The arrival of the hot season brings falsa with it as a blessing to combat the weather. The refreshing feel of this fruit makes it a favorite among kids and adults on summer afternoons. Enjoy it as it is or try any of the following options to keep hydrated.

Falsa Sorbet
For those of you who feel like having something freezing cold, sorbet is the perfect option. The process is based on two steps only – blending and freezing. First, freeze the falsa for an hour. Blend it with enough water to make a smooth paste. Take out in a bowl and freeze for 4 more hours. Enjoy the cold, tangy falsa sorbet!

Falsa Juice
What’s better than cold juice on a hot day! Falsa juice is easy to make, yet feels heavenly. You just need a handful of falsa, sugar syrup, half a glass of water, and lots of ice cubes. Throw everything together in the blender and blend well. Strain the juice to remove seeds and add a pinch of black salt on top.

Falsa Fizz
Falsa fizz is a non-traditional twist to your traditional falsa juice. Blend in frozen falsa with sugar syrup and a little black salt. Add 2 tablespoons of this paste to a glass and pour any soda of your choice (preferably white). Drink it before the fizz fades away.

Falsa Chutney   
Haven’t heard of falsa chutney before? You’re going to fall in love with it! Preparing falsa chutney is simple with four ingredients and is ready in only 17 minutes. Leave the falsa overnight with sugar and cook on the stove the next day. Add salt, red chili powder and bring it to a boil. Cook for 2 – 3 minutes and turn off the flame. Let the chutney cool before transferring to clean jars. Store for up to a month in the refrigerator.

Enjoy with Salt
If you are a falsa lover, we’re sure that you love to eat them with black salt. While many people do not like to add any seasoning to fruits, everyone loves salt-sprinkled falsa. The sour and smoky taste of black salt enhances the taste of the Indian Sherbet Berry. Try it today and see what you have been missing out on!

Falsa is in town and is among the most refreshing fruits in summer. Make the best use of this gift of nature to keep yourself hydrated during hot summer days!

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