Here Is Why Farmers' Market Is The Best Thing To Happen In Karachi

Here Is Why Farmers' Market Is The Best Thing To Happen In Karachi

Here Is Why Farmers' Market Is The Best Thing To Happen In Karachi

As a traditional market taking place internationally, farmers’ market is becoming a big thing here in Pakistan as well. Farmers market is a two-way street for consumers and vendors. It is cost-effective and also a healthier choice as products being sold there are packed with vitamins, carbohydrates and different kind of nutrients, eliminating all kinds of preservatives. 

Karachi currently has farmers market which takes place every week during the morning and evening. While most people slumber their Sunday away, some healthy eaters make their way to the farmers market which takes place at Haque Academy in DHA Phase 8, and also at VERITAS Learning Circle in PECHS.

The idea of farmers market in Karachi was initiated by a group of friends who wished to switch towards greener alternatives and promote a healthy lifestyle. 
There are numerous stalls at both the farmers market that sell organic products such dairy and eggs, fruits and vegetables, oil and fats, baked goods and various types of spreads such as jam, cheese, butter etc. Overall, all products are organic and natural with little to no preservatives added. 
Interestingly, additional products such as organic soaps and shampoos that integrate within skin and healthcare are also sold at the market.

Fresh hot breakfast is served in the mornings while light music plays in the background for people to enjoy their Sunday mornings where they mingle and shop their way through the market.

Markets like these need more recognition due to the hard work that is put in by home-based businesses. The products sold are not only cost-effective, but also guarantee the best quality due to the thought process and utmost dedication given to them.

Initiatives like Karachi Farmer’s Market promote a better well-being for people of all ages. Such steps should continue to take place and be recognized by the citizens of Karachi as they play an important role in promoting organic products that are extremely crucial for all of us.  



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