Falsa Juice


Summers in our childhood were incomplete without falsas, and now you can feel that wave of nostalgia with this delicious, easy, and refreshing falsa drink recipe. Falsas have a natural cooling effect in summers, which makes this perfect recipe to help you beat the heat. This juice is also great for serving at iftaari after a long day of fasting.

  • Easy
  • 2 person(s)
  • 10 Min


    • Falsay250 grams
    • WaterAs required
    • Sugar Syrup2 tablespoon
    • Black Salt½ teaspoon
    • Ice CubesAs required


  • In a blender add falsay, water, sugar syrup and black salt.
  • Blend all the ingredients.
  • Using a strainer, strain the falsa puree until you are left with a smooth paste.
  • Add ice cubes, then pour in the strained falsa and water, and stir.
  • Enjoy! Please give us your feedback in the comment section.
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