04 Refreshing Spring Drinks You Must Try:

04 Refreshing Spring Drinks You Must Try:

04 Refreshing Spring Drinks You Must Try:

With spring being just around the corner, it’s time for you to shed all the layers and sit in front of the air conditioner with a glass of refreshing drink. As the weather turns warmer, we are sure the long hot days will leave you craving for something chilled, refreshing and light. In such weather transitions, make sure to keep yourself hydrated and your body is nourished. We have listed four refreshing drinks that will get you through a scorching hot spring-summer day. Give these drinks a try and feel refreshed and replenished: 

This one is a classic and loved by almost everyone. There is nothing better than a cold glass of refreshing lemonade infused with mint leaves that makes the perfect spring-summer cocktail. Beat the heat with this delicious drink that will surely perk you up. 
Try this outstanding mint lemonade recipe by Food Tribune to make hotter days a little calming for you.

If you prefer creamier drinks, then a pina colada is for you. A deliciously sweet drink made of pineapples and coconut water to freshen up your day. This delightful blend will serve you cool vibes on a hot day. Pina coladas can be the star of your brunches or evening hangouts and it will surely get everyone feeling refreshed! 

Watermelon is surely everybody's favorite fruit, but instead of just eating it, you can try making a refreshing, cool slush out of it. This drink is not only delicious, but is also extremely hydrating and is full of anti-oxidants. Hence, we can assure you that you can't go wrong with this revitalizing drink.

With falsa weather just being around the corner, you can whip up your blender and hydrate yourself with this some delicious falsa juice. Falsas have a natural cooling effect and is the perfect summer-spring drink to relax your body when the days tend to get hotter. 

These four drinks are perfect for the summer-spring weather as they are not only delicious, but extremely hydrating as well. Along with having health benefits that your body might need on scorching days, these drinks take little to no time to beat the heat! 


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