08 Easy Desserts That Will Brighten Up Your Mood

08 Easy Desserts That Will Brighten Up Your Mood

08 Easy Desserts That Will Brighten Up Your Mood

Is dessert also the favorite part of your meal? Do you also have the biggest sweet tooth and can’t have enough of some wonderful sweet indulgence? Let's be real - desserts are the best way to brighten up the mood and anything sweet can take your mood from sad to happy in just a few bites. 

If you love desserts as much as we do, then you can’t miss the eight best desserts for you to try this year! 

Chocolate covered strawberries are a classic and loved by many. This simple two-ingredient recipe is straightforward to make and loved by everyone. You can always alternate milk chocolate with white chocolate or caramel for some added flavor. 

Who doesn't love brownies? These square/rectangle treats can be enjoyed in various forms or different ways. They are pretty easy to make and enjoyed by everyone. You can try this sweet treat with ice cream or alongside whipped cream for some more sweetness.
Try this mouthwatering chocolate brownie recipe right here.

Another easy dessert that will brighten up your mood within seconds is chocolate chip cookies. They are pretty trouble-free to make and are cherished by all. You can have your chocolate chip cookies alongside a glass of milk or with your favorite ice cream, whatever suits your sweet tooth, as both the ways are equally delicious.

If you aren’t entirely crazy about chocolate-based desserts, cheesecake is your best option. Coming in different flavours and mixes, you can try out blueberry cheese cake, orange cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake or go with the classic plain option as per your liking. This dessert is extremely light and wholesome to enjoy after a filling dinner meal, and we are sure your mood will be more positive than ever after! 

This is not necessarily a dessert but is still that kind of sweet indulgence that will get you in a good mood. Banana bread is made of ripe mashed bananas and is moist and soft. It is a combination of a cake and bread that can be enjoyed as a dessert or breakfast option. 

Also referred to as ‘kheer’ in South Asia, this delicious pudding is made from rice, milk, sugar, and different kind of nuts and dry fruits. It is mainly served in family gatherings on special occasions, but can also be eaten any time of any day to get you in a content mood.
Check out this full rice pudding recipe!

If you love fruity desserts, you are going to love this one. Fruit tart is also one of those desserts that will lift your mood within minutes. It is super easy to make and is not time-consuming. All you need is some of your favorite fruits, cream, and pastry crust for a wholesome meal. 

Chocolate mousse is also one of those desserts that can satisfy your taste buds within seconds. It is an easy to make dessert that uses a maximum of five ingredients to make. It is very soft in texture and melts right in your mouth. We are sure this sweet indulgence will not leave you unsatisfied. If you’re looking for a simple recipe to try at home, check this out!

All these sweet delights are pretty easy to make and a must try. If you’re feeling even the slightest bit under the weather, give these dessert recipes a try. Happy cooking, and even happier eating! 


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