04 Mouth-Watering Paratha Recipes That You Can Try In Sehri

04 Mouth-Watering Paratha Recipes That You Can Try In Sehri

04 Mouth-Watering Paratha Recipes That You Can Try In Sehri

Sehri is an essential part of Ramadan and possibly the most important meal for you to close your fast. To survive a long day of fasting in the scorching heat, it is essential to have a proper sehri that will keep you full and energized throughout the day. With limited time in the morning comes limited options, which means you only have to work fast while fighting your sleep at the same time.  However, we just made life slightly easier for you. Food Tribune brings four quick and easy-to-make paratha recipes that can be your sehri partners throughout Ramzan. So if you are bored with your traditional paratha, then these four paratha recipes should be a must-try for you! 

Who doesn’t like Aloo Ka Paratha? Stuffed with gently mashed potatoes, these aloo parathas will be the star of your sehri. This dish is enjoyed all over South Asia for its ease of making and delicious taste that leaves you filled up. Pair these parathas up with some natural yogurt in the morning and enjoy your extremely filling and healthy Sehri for the rest of the month! 
Find the recipe here

If you are too attached to the traditional Anda Paratha, then change the method of cooking with this unique technique. This recipe uses fried eggs cooked in chilis and vegetables along with the  paratha. It is extremely easy to make and definitely saves you a whole lot of time, rather than the customary method of cooking each item separately. We know you will love this dish, so don’t miss out! 
Find the recipe here. 

Who doesn’t love some cheesy goodness? Whether it is iftar or sehri, this cheese paratha is a delicious upgrade to your regular parathas that will make your meal ten times better. This recipe entails a generous filling of cheese that is trapped inside the paratha and oozes out with every bite you take. It is the perfect sehri option that will keep you full all day! 
Find the recipe here. 

This one is a different option and something not many people have tried traditionally. These delicious hearty parathas stuffed with caramelized onion are the perfect way to turn a regular paratha into a much exciting one. It is an excellent option for sehri as it will keep you full throughout the day and will definitely be an A-class upgrade to your sehri table. 
Find the recipe here.

These four paratha recipes are a must-try this Ramadan. They include a little twist to your regular parathas that will keep you satisfied and filled through the fasting hours. Give them a try, and don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

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