Quarantine & Chill - 5 Simple Recipes You Can Try During Your Time At Home

Quarantine & Chill - 5 Simple Recipes You Can Try During Your Time At Home

Quarantine & Chill - 5 Simple Recipes You Can Try During Your Time At Home

Is self-isolation slowly draining you? Are you in the mood to find a new hobby and do something during your time at home? Quarantine can be difficult and we understand how mentally draining it can be to sit at home with little to no activities planned out. 

Since you have time on your hands, it's always great to challenge the inner chef in you! You can utilize your time at home, making delicious yet simple recipes with ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen pantry. Check some of them out: 

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich:
The tandoori-style spices used in this chicken sandwich enhance a regular dish to a whole great extent. It encapsulates bold flavours using a mix of spices and herbs to accomplish a tasty and spicy sandwich that everyone can enjoy. This sandwich is further grilled so the flavours are cooked to perfection and allow you to make this sandwich more ‘desi’ as per your liking!

Baked Potato Jackets:
These delicious baked potato jackets are stuffed with a combination of different vegetables, tomato puree and mozzarella cheese for a wholesome appetizer. This recipe is extremely easy to make once the salsa dressing is prepared and just needs to be popped in the oven for it to be ready. You can skip on the cheese if you’re looking for the dish to be more healthy! 

Four Heaven Mocktail: 
Enjoy the lovely weather and some relaxation time with a refreshing drink. This recipe uses four different seasonal fruits combined together for the most delicious mocktail. A mix of pineapple, pomegranate, orange and lemon juice come together to give a cool, refreshing and healthy drink for you to try this spring. You can alter the soda water with a white fizzy drink to make it sweeter as per your taste and liking. Make sure to add tons of crushed ice for you to enjoy this drink to the ultimate! 

Orange Chicken: 
If you’ve stocked up on chicken for your time at home, step away from your usual salans and try out this unique recipe. Orange Chicken is a flavorful dish that has a combination of sweet and sour taste to it. It is a step up from your usual fried chicken and is marinated in a combination of sauces and natural orange juice for its tangy flavor. This dish can be eaten as an appetizer or served with rice or pita as a main dish. 

Creamy Fajita: 
If you are a pasta lover (which by the way, are extremely easy and fun to make), this recipe will probably be your favourite. This creamy fajita recipe is a one-pot wonder that is made by mixing a number of vegetables, spices and mozzarella for some delicious flavours. It is ideal for dinner and can be stored and stocked for lunch the next day too! 

Make most of your time at home and enjoy these delicious easy-to-make recipes for yourself and your family. The best part is, these recipes almost use the same ingredients such as vegetables and spices. So you can skip unnecessary trips to the grocery store, and simply make a number of dishes out of the ingredients you have stored!


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