5 Snacks You Need To Enjoy PSL 2020

5 Snacks You Need To Enjoy PSL 2020

5 Snacks You Need To Enjoy PSL 2020

It's that time of year again-PSL 2020 is back bigger and better. 

Pakistan Super League (PSL) celebrations have yet again started all around the country; cricket fanatics can't have enough of sitting in front of their tv, and screaming at the screens when their favorite player scores a six! PSL is a big part of the Pakistanis sports committee and all of us tend to enjoy our favorite sport sitting alongside our friends and families. 

This time cricket is back in our home ground and cricket fans can't wait for their favorite team to win the game and take the trophy home. Either you are a fan of Karachi kings or all your support is for Lahore qalandars, one thing we all can agree on is no PSL is complete without having snacks you can munch on while watching an exciting game. 

We have gathered five snacks that you will need to enjoy PSL 2020 in full swing!

Cookies And Brownies 
You can't skip out on sugary snacks while watching a good game. No matter how much you convince yourself to stay healthy, it's perfectly okay to 'break' once in a while and munch on something sweet. Cookies, brownies, muffins and pretzels are probably the easiest desserts to enjoy while you enjoy cricket and they remain everyone's favorite. 
If you're feeling enthusiastic and want to do some baking on your own, try out this delicious yet simple brownie recipe for your trip.

If pizza is your most favorite movie snack, we highly recommend you to try these cheese pizza sticks, made from pizza dough filled with melted mozzarella goodness. This is also a great alternative to your classic mozzarella sticks. 
We are sure this cheesy treat will get you through an exciting game. They taste best when served with spicy salsa dip.

This is the best option for someone who prefers more flavor and spice. It is easy to whip at home and is full of flavors. It does not require a lot of steps but will keep your appetite satisfied for sure.
Get some tortilla chips, top it with guacamole, sour cream, cayenne pepper and lime juice and enjoy it with salsa and cheddar cheese dip. We guarantee you will thank us later!

What's better than munching on some pakoras or (fritters) while watching your favorite team score some points. Pakoray is a classic snack food that all of us enjoy no matter the time or place, and if you want to add a little twist to your regular pakoray, try this prawn pakoray recipe now!

Chana chaat is the perfect combination of chickpeas cooked in spices and flavors, with a sprinkle of crunchy papri, making it the best PSL snack. This easy recipe will take no time to prepare and will still keep you and your tastebuds satisfied during an intense game.

If you love food and love cricket, then these recipes are must-try for you; these quick and easy recipes will keep you satisfy even if your favorite team fails to meet your expectations.


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