4 Instant Ramadan Recipes With Kanas Sauces

4 Instant Ramadan Recipes With Kanas Sauces

4 Instant Ramadan Recipes With Kanas Sauces

Ramadan is a time of religious zeal and enthusiasm alongside Iftar-time festivities. To make the best out of this holy month, everyone looks for quick Sehri and Iftar recipes to have more time for Ibadah. Kanas understands your needs, and has come up with a wide range of sauces that speed up your preparation time and help prepare utterly delicious food in no time!
Here are 4 Instant Ramadan Recipes for you to prepare with Kanas sauces and save time.

BBQ Honey Wings

Wings are a favorite in every household and take less time to cook. Taken as an appetizer or served as a side with other dishes, they are a kitchen blessing. The tangy and smoky flavor of Kanas BBQ sauce improves the flavor and adds to the lusciousness. You can prepare these BBQ Honey Wings in less than 30 minutes to serve hot to your guests. Try the recipe today to experience the sweet n smoky taste of BBQ Honey Wings and impress your guests with cooked-to-perfection wings.

Shish Taouk

If the Shish Taouk at your favorite Arabic restaurant has always made your mouth water, you are going to love this recipe. Eliminating the need for additional spices, Kanas Pizza sauce provides a balance to the recipe without disturbing the flavors. The perfect ratio of herbs to tomatoes in the pizza sauce adds a pleasant zing to the Shish Taouk. It is a perfect meal for low-calorie, yet fulfilling Iftar snacking.

Creamy Chicken Samosa

Samosas are the star of every table at Iftar and an essential element of Ramadan food. Women usually prepare samosas a day or two before the commencement of Ramadan to make Iftar preps convenient. You can make yummy creamy chicken samosas fresh at Iftar or freeze them in advance to enjoy in Ramadan. The goodness of Kanas mayonnaise makes it more delicious, rich and creamy. The crunchy Creamy Chicken Samosa melts in your mouth on the first bite, leaving you with mouthful of flavors to relish.

Sriracha BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

What's better than a spicy twist to your traditional BBQ drumsticks!
The Sriracha BBQ drumsticks are perfect for days when you cannot decide what to cook. They are easy to cook, flavorsome but give a premium feel. These home-made Sriracha BBQ Drumsticks taste like straight outta any 5-star eatery. Enjoy the BBQ drumsticks with a spicy twist of Kanas Sriracha sauce to build the heat.

Kanas makes Sehri and Iftar preps quick and delicious at the same time. Prepare these dishes to enjoy flavorful Ramadan meals, and stay tuned for more recipes.
Happy Cooking!

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