The Ultimate Guide On Food Cutting

The Ultimate Guide On Food Cutting

The Ultimate Guide On Food Cutting

Cooking comes with different phases; you have to keep a check on everything from the spices being in perfect quantity, the meat being cooked correctly and the vegetables being cut accurately and in proportion. We know many people struggle with either of the three, especially when it comes to evenly slicing vegetables. And this might be the very reason you are unable to try out your favourite recipes, only because you are unable to chop your vegetables in a particular manner. 
Cutting your vegetables properly might be quite laborious and time-consuming, but if you try to do it with proper knowledge, we are sure your cooking time will cut down short and you will find cooking way more relaxing than before.
We have short-listed some important vegetables you may need to learn proper cutting techniques of. Check some out:  

One of the vegetables that you might find it hard to cut can be spring onions. Spring onions or silicons are one form of onions that are not only great in taste, but are incredibly nutritious and healthy for the body. Both the white bulb and green leaves are edible. Follow these steps to cut your spring onions properly: 
·  Cut the roots off.
·  Separate the white bulb from the green tops.
·  Peel the skin off of the white bulb.
·  Make thin slices of the white bulb.
·  Chop the green tops into small pieces.
·  There you have it.

2.   Eggplant:
Eggplant or Brinjal is also one of the delicious vegetables out there that are used and cooked in various ways. From baking to grilling, there are so many ways you can eat this vegetable. It is undoubtedly quite tasteful, but some people might face difficulties when it comes to cutting eggplants accurately. These are the steps you can follow while cutting eggplant:
·  First, cut off the top head of an eggplant. Then thinly slice it in rounds
·  To cut the eggplants into small wedges, remove the top and then cut it into equal quarters. Working with two at a time, slice through the eggplants and cut to the end.
·  To cut the eggplant into wedges that are slightly bigger than the normal wedge, do not cut the eggplant into half, instead slice it to make thin wedges.
·  There you have it.

Next comes fresh greens; they are a very nutritious vegetable to add in any of your meals, add a pop of color to your dish and are used in various kinds of recipes. However, cutting them properly so they don't lose their freshness can be a little quite tricky. If you also have a hard time cutting herbs or fresh green, then the following steps will help you:
·  After buying herbs, wash them gently under tap water to remove all the impurities. Pat them with a paper towel until completely dried and the excess moisture is soaked.
·  Arrange each stem lengthwise on a damp paper towel or a dry paper. Roll it gently and store it in the fridge. Change the paper or paper towel in case of any moisture
·  Snip off each leaf from the stem, add the leaves in an airtight container or jar. Please keep it in the refrigerator after each time you use it.

Cauliflower can also be a little difficult to cut because of its weird shape; you might get confused about where to start. But cutting cauliflower is not that hard at all. If you are looking for easier ways to chop cauliflower, then these steps might help you: 
·  Start from cutting the top head, and bring the knife straight down to the core.
·  Keeping the knife straight, cut the cauliflower into four halves.
·  Working with a piece at a time, cut through the core. Discard the core afterward, and carefully collect the florets.
·  Break down the cauliflower florets by hand.
·  Use the knife to make quick even cuts, and remove the excess core stalks from the small florets.
·  And there you have it- a perfectly cut cauliflower.

Zucchini comes from a gourd family; it is the same species as squash or pumpkins. They are incredibly delicious and are a healthy alternative for food like pasta. Zucchini is packed with healthy nutrients and is also rich in antioxidants. To make sure you are cutting zucchini properly, follow these steps.
·  Remove the root, Cut the edge.
·  Cut into two halves. Remove the seeds.
·  Make diagonal cuts.
·  Cut into thin slices.
·  Cut into thick slices.
·  Take an apple corer.
·  Cut into thin round slices. That's it.

If you get restricted when it comes to slicing or chopping vegetables, then this blog will help you. Watch the tutorials, read the description and get your kitchen knife ready for some cutting!

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