Ramadan 2021: Tips on Fasting During The Coronavirus Breakout

Ramadan 2021: Tips on Fasting During The Coronavirus Breakout

Ramadan 2021: Tips on Fasting During The Coronavirus Breakout

There is no doubt that Ramadan is very different this year and lockdown can make fasting particularly difficult. Such situations can inevitably lead to boredom, which can result in hunger. Apart from that, in this situation when our health is at risk, prolonged periods of not eating and drinking can weaken the immune system, which can cause serious health issues. 

To make the holy month easier and less worrisome, we have laid down a few tips that will help you to keep all your fasts during the coronavirus outbreak: 

We recommend you to eat something filling that will quickly get you through the day and keep you energized all the way to iftar. Go for foods that are high in fiber since they release energy slowly, keeping you fuller for longer periods of time. Some common examples may include oats, bread, protein and fruits.

Avoid salty food as much as you can because they not only tend to make you thirsty, but excessive salt can cause some severe health issues when you have a long day of fasting ahead. It can cause you high blood pressure and several heart problems, which can be bad for you with the ongoing pandemic at hand. 

Ramadan tends to make you dehydrated; with no food and water for a whole day, it is normal to face dehydration and feel your immune systems going down slowly. Try to take tons of water or immunity-boosting drinks or foods to keep you vitalized.

To read up more on staying hydrated during Ramadan, click here.  

We are sure that keeping yourself busy with the current lockdown is not easy. Being unable to go out and staying cautious of human contact is giving us all bad anxiety. This is not suitable for our mental or physical health and with fasting, it only gets worse. It can cause headaches and panic attacks. In order to tackle the situation in the best way, keep yourself busy by signing up for a workout class, trying new recipes online, reading more about our religion or even studying new courses over the internet.  With all these activities and added tasks, you will not think about food a lot and have a merely smoother fasting experience. 

Ramadan is definitely a challenge this year and safety precautions are on top priority even when staying at home. We hope these tips helped ease your stress and will come in handy for the rest of the month. Stay safe and happy fasting!

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