5 Tips To Stay Hydrated In Ramadan

5 Tips To Stay Hydrated In Ramadan

5 Tips To Stay Hydrated In Ramadan

Water is a vital part of your daily life, but it is also often forgotten about during Ramadan. During the holy month, many people forget how essential it is to consume sufficient amounts of water in the morning so your body does not feel dehydrated and lethargic throughout the day. Not drinking enough water can not only make fasting difficult, but is also extremely dangerous because of severe health risks. 

If you are one of those people who forgets to consume an appropriate amount of water before the fast, then you can overcome this problem by making simple tweaks in your daily life. We are here with five simple tips that can help you stay hydrated during Ramadan: 

1. Plan your water intake timing:
When fasting, one of the only things that stays on our mind is water, but for some reason when the time comes to break our fasts, we almost neglect water. In order to overcome this, think of ways that are easiest for you to measure your water intake. Aim to drink at least 8-10 glasses throughout the morning and evening. The best thing you can do is try to drink one or two cups of water while breaking your fast and then divide your water intake gradually throughout the night, instead of chugging a large amount in one go.

2.  Avoid sugary drinks:
It is highly normal for people to opt for sugary drinks instead of water to break their fasts. Sweet or fizzy drinks might give you the feeling of your thirst being quenched and give you the energy boost you need, however, such drinks are only temporary. They give you the sudden boost primarily due to the spike in blood sugar that is caused by these drinks. The peak that sugar tends to provide you with can later lead to a huge amount of dehydration. If you are not fond of drinking loads of water, alternate it with freshly squeezed juices and slushes. You can also infuse your water with mint, or lemon for an extra boost of energy.

3. Avoid caffeine:
Most people can’t give up caffeine and crave for it after iftar, however it is one of the worst things to do. Instead of drinking tea or coffee, if you are craving a hot drink, go for a caffeine-free, infused drink, or maybe lower caffeine and healthier options such as green tea or white tea leaves. In the summer, things get easier and your body naturally craves for colder drinks, so drinking more water will be more suitable.

4. Supercharge your water with fruit:
The best way you can drink water is to replace it with your favourite fruit for some extra flavour. Fruits are usually not only high in water percentage, but they are also quite high in fiber, which will help you stay hydrated, full and have minerals that your body needs after the long hours of fasting. Watermelon and cucumbers are great options for infused water.

5. Chia water: 
Chia seeds are fantastic to keep your body hydrated and nourished. They are high in calcium protein and fiber. They are also packed with antioxidants and absorb water, keeping you hydrated. It is a great option to go for after you break your fast as they are quite cooling and will keep you replenished.

Remember, Ramadan is about self-betterment in all aspects of your life. Keep these tips in mind and try to drink the right amount of water, so you stay hydrated and full of energy even during the long hours of fasting. Stay hydrated and happy fasting!

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