Most Healthy Diets Of All Time

Most Healthy Diets Of All Time

Most Healthy Diets Of All Time

The diet tradition is taken over the world faster than one can imagine and there are now several various types going around. Diets are not only for losing weight, but also for gaining weight and maintaining the amount of macros one must be consuming depending on their body structure. 
This is a little run down of the most healthy diets of all time:

The Zone Diet is basically for effective weight loss by balancing intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. There is no such strictness on food consumption in this diet, however high level sugar foods are not suggested which eliminates beverages and some types of desserts.  
Water is a recommended beverage. Additionally, lean-beef, skinless chicken, fish, tofu, egg-whites, low-fat cheese, olive oil and avocados are highly preferred. 

Keto, also known as Ketogenic diet, has been raved about for decades and is now taking over pretty fast. This diet can be followed by lowering ones intake of carbohydrates and increasing fat.
Healthy fats like fish, avocados, nuts, olive oil, and salmon are highly recommended in this diet.

There are various types of vegetarian diets that are mostly for those people who do not consume meat. Studies have proven people following these diets are healthier and contain less body weight than that of meat eaters. Vegetarian diets surround around all kind of fruits and vegetables.


As similar as they sound to vegetarian diets, these are quite different. Vegan diet is more of a philosophy of living a better life than just a diet. People following vegan diets believe that by following a diet without meat and dairy, they can lead a better life. They also believe if everybody ate plant based food, no animals would suffer in the world. 

This is the most basic diet of all time that is followed by most people around the world. The idea of following the Weight-Watchers Diet is to lose a certain amount of weight. Currently ranked number one due to its high popularity, this diet can be followed by eliminating carbs and increasing protein intake in your meals. 
Different applications and platforms have also emerged, making it easier for people to follow this diet and control their weight. 


These are some of the healthiest diets being followed around the world. These diets will not only help you maintain weight, but also help you lead a far better mental and physical wellbeing. 


Being a Pakistani, food has always been my comforter, be it me getting happy over a happy meal or my father asking me to go to school just to get sweets in return. Food is not just about eating, its a sentiment that connects people with each other. I started writing for Food Tribune because of my love for food.


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