Easy Tips to Reduce Food Wastage

Easy Tips to Reduce Food Wastage

Easy Tips to Reduce Food Wastage

United Nations food agencies reports show that around 690 million people go to sleep on an empty stomach globally. What’s more terrifying is that the number is not expected to reduce anytime sooner, instead increase in the coming years. All of us can play our part in reducing food waste, and use it for ourselves or share it with those who do not have enough to eat.

How to Reduce Food Wastage?
Wasting food not only means a waste of money but also resources and efforts. Here are a few tips that you can use to reduce food waste.

Pre-prep is a blessing that can save you from spending hours in the kitchen at the last moment. Either you have to go to work early morning or have unexpected guests, pre-prepared meals to the rescue! Prepare samosas, chicken tenders, kebabs, or anything else you like to make cooking easier than ever. You can also utilize leftover food to prepare frozen items.

First In First Out should be the only approach while using vegetables, fruits, and other perishable items. While adding new fruits and vegetables to the refrigerator, make sure to consume the previous ones first.

Got more strawberries than you needed? Freeze them! Frozen fruits and vegetables are great for effortless smoothies and frozen yogurts. And you know the best part? You can freeze almost all fruits and vegetables of choice to prepare smoothies. Saves you time and avoids wasting leftover fruits.

Take Care of the Expiry Date
Expiry dates are crucial while consuming eatables and should be highly taken care of, especially if you buy in bulk during sales. Grocery bought in bulk may be near to expiry and go to waste if not consumed timely.

It is common in households to have leftovers, but what you do with them matters. Instead of throwing away the leftovers, innovate and create something for the next day.

Plan a Menu
If you are looking forward to saving food, time, and money altogether, favor yourself by designing a menu in advance. Having a menu enables you to stick to the already decided items and utilize everything you buy from the grocery in time.

Most importantly, Share! Do not throw away the leftover meals; instead, be generous and make someone else's day by offering quality food before it rots.

Happy Cooking!

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