All Seafood Dishes You Must Try This Winter

All Seafood Dishes You Must Try This Winter

All Seafood Dishes You Must Try This Winter

Food Tribune’s recipes are packed with flavor, and are a must try which will leave your taste buds satisfied. Most seafood dishes are available all year around the world but there is nothing like yummy piping hot seafood in the chilly breeze of winter. We have taken the responsibility of bringing you the best seafood recipes that your winter menu is missing:

Let’s start with our most favorite ginger prawns which is one of our chef’s specialty. This particular recipe is most loved and is a delicious spin on regular seafood with prawns cooked in ginger and different spices leaving to its unique taste. 

Doesn’t this one just sound delicious? It is a very quick and easy to cook dish with prawns cooked in Far-Eastern spices, packed with flavor and a little spicy to taste. This prawn red curry is best served alongside with rice and will be a hit for all the seafood lovers.

If we are talking about seafood, then how can we forget fish! One of most famous Food Tribune recipe is Bohra Fried Fish. It is a unique take on your normal fried fish, and is a famous dish of Karachi Bohra community and is often served as appetizer at family functions or parties.

Balti fish is an Eastern twist to fish. It includes Pangasius fish cooked in spicy, rich coconut curry. It is traditionally served in a steel pot as the name refers to ‘balti’ in order to enhance its flavours and is mostly enjoyed with rice or roti. If you love seafood and spicy food, this one is for you.

Well who doesn’t like karahis and having prawn karahi in winters is the perfect time to enjoy this delicacy. This dish includes fresh prawn sautéed in different spices, yogurt and tomatoes and is best served with naan. 

This one is also a classic. Prawn masala is full of tangy flavors giving a good twist to the natural taste of prawns. If you love prawns, then you should totally give this one a try. 

A little different from your regular fried fish having an authentic South Asian twist, this dish entails Pangasius fish fillet fried in different spices and herbs leaving it to a slightly spicy taste. Serve it with rice and have an authentic South Asian cuisine experience at your next family gathering. 

Lahori fried fish is a big hit on the streets of Lahore. Marinated in a batter made from gram flour, yogurt, spices and different kind of herbs, this dish is crunchy on outside and juicy and full of flavor from the inside. It is also a great option for appetizer when served with mint chutney. 

These are all the must try winter seafood recipes that will leave you and your family wanting more. Make your winters a little warm and cozy by serving these dishes hot on a cold winter night. Food Tribune has your winter menu sorted whether it is an appetizer, lunch or dinner.  


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