Tips To Stock Up During Lockdown To Avoid Extra Trips To The Grocery Store

Tips To Stock Up During Lockdown To Avoid Extra Trips To The Grocery Store

Tips To Stock Up During Lockdown To Avoid Extra Trips To The Grocery Store

Recent scientific research shows that Covid-19 will most probably linger around till the end of July. With many different data sets and evidence popping up, we remain unsure about how long this virus may prevail and consequently, how long we will have to remain indoors due to the ongoing lockdown. Nevertheless, if you are already three weeks in, it is probably time to make another trip to the grocery store and there is no brainer in preparing beforehand so one trip does not turn into numerous ones to the mart. We certainly do not mean hoarding sanitizers and facemasks, but rather stocking up essentials such as food, medicine, cleaning supplies etc., to keep you comfortable for a long period of time. 

We’ve compiled a shortlist of what to buy and what not to buy during this pandemic:

Before Anything Else: Scan Your Pantry: 
The first step you should take before hitting grocery stores is to take a quick look at what you already have in your pantry, just so you don’t overbuy. You don’t need to go crazy over purchasing things like canned food or cleaning supplies as long as you have two or three weeks’ worth of goods. Remember, grocery stores aren’t running anywhere, so you don’t need to either! 


Don’t Forget Your Fruits And Vegetables: 
Staying home doesn’t mean snacking on junk food. Stay healthy and try to add some fresh produce to your list. Try to buy fruits and vegetables as they are healthier options and also super necessary to have in your pantry as well. If you are worried about getting fresh fruits and vegetables and they are going to go bad, then you can also go for frozen fruits and vegetables. Also, having different fruits and vegetable purees are also an excellent option to have in your pantry along with some long-lasting fruits that you can stock up on such as apples, oranges, limes, etc. and lasting vegetables including potatoes, carrots, lemons, onions, garlic and mushrooms. 

Protein Is Important:
Protein is a necessary item to have in your fridge or freezer at all times, as they are a portion of vital food. Try to buy chicken, beef, fish and salmon for two weeks at least. Eggs are also a good source of protein, so you should get them too. Apart from that, nuts and nut butter can also be a good source of protein and will add variation to your daily diet. 

Grains Are Indispensable: 
We all agree that grains are crucial and are needed in almost every meal. Try to buy pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, oats, etc. as they do not go bad in a short time and have more life so you can stock up for a month or a more extended period. 

Dairy And Healthy Fats: 
Dairy like milk, yogurt and cheese are also super important products to have in your pantry. However, milk has a short shelf life and can go bad in a short amount of time and that is why we would suggest not buying a lot at the same time and using powdered milk as a good substitute for regular milk. Also, we would prefer you to go for hard cheese such as parmesan as it lasts for a longer time. 
Healthy fats like olive oil, chia seeds, flax seeds, butter, avocados, etc. are also extremely important to stock up as they are good sources of fibre and will help last the quarantine for a long time. 

Snacks Are Essential Too:
Eating healthy is super important. However, there is nothing terrible about munching on some snacks once in a while. Stock up on some of your favorite snacks as you might need them while you binge on Netflix with nothing to do. 

Remember, hoarding and stockpiling is not a good option as we have to look out for other people too during these difficult times. We would suggest you go for necessary things and avoid going for items that are not needed. Good luck and happy quarantining!

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