Karachi Eat Is Back And We Are Stoked!

Karachi Eat Is Back And We Are Stoked!

Karachi Eat Is Back And We Are Stoked!

It’s Karachi Eat time!
Karachi Eat Food Festival is back with the promise to be bigger and better than before.
Perhaps the biggest food festival in the country, Karachi Eat attracts foodies – young and old - from all across the city of lights. 

The ‘Iconic’ 2020 edition is happening this weekend at the Beach View Park in Clifton. The timings for Friday are starting from 4 pm to 10:30 pm and 12:30 pm to 10:30 pm for Saturday and Sunday. 
Here’s a round-up of the yummy food the organizers have promised to the eagerly awaiting Karachiites. 

With additional stalls, this year’s festival boasts up to 100 eateries offering a wide variety of Desi, Asian and International cuisines. 
Some old favorites will include Saniya’s Kitchen, Brew Factory, Sol and many others. But, a lot of new ones are added to this ‘iconic’ edition.
Here’s a rundown of some of the anticipated stalls that we are looking forward to this year: 
1.    DELINA:
Delina is one of the new tastes that will be found at this year Karachi Eat (stall no 14). Delina is said to take it to the next level with their twist on your regular ice cream ‘Hot Mess’ created exclusively for this year's eat festival. 

Sweet greens will be making Karachi Eat debut (stall no. 65) with ‘The red chili Tacos’ which is not available on the eatery’s regular menu and is exclusive to this year food fiesta.

3.    2 GUYS 1 GRILL:
Burgers are the way to go! 2 guys 1 grill (stall no: 29) is one of the new tastes this year, and they will be serving their weird edition to the burgers ‘Donut burgers’.

4.    PANWARI:
Panwari will be introducing ‘ice fire pan’ (stall no: 15) at this year's food festival and we are eager to find out if this will be the perfect treat after all the amazing food.

The social hub (stall no: 111) will be introducing the weirdest combination of chaat and tacos. and we are looking forward to it. We hope it tastes as good as it looks. 

6. Hobnob Bakery: 
Bigger and better than before, Hobnob Bakery has revamped their menu and will be introducing extremely unique items this year at Eat'20. The new puff products have sweet and savory elements that are perfect for a quick snack during the chilly winter! Some of the products that will be available at Eat'20 include Asian Glazed Patties, Sour Cream & Onion Patties, Strawberry and Mixed Nut Pop Tarts. From a variety of flavours for every taste bud out there, Hobnob is making sure to cater to Karachites in the most perfect way possible.  


With such big names, we can’t wait to see what more surprises are in store for us!

What makes this year’s food festival particularly exciting is the organizers introducing more then 30 new eateries yet to be mainstreamed. Sticking to its root, the festival has established eateries preparing dishes that you will not find on their menus. 
The organizers say that the eateries have been selected after rounds of food tasting events by food critics, industry professionals, and media personalities. 
They say over 300 eateries sent their signature dishes exclusively created for the festival for a tasting but only some were short-listed the “iconic” edition.  
The organizers have capped the prices to Rs.400 for the foodies to enjoy and make the most out of the event.  
Any further information can be found on their social media:
https://www.facebook.com/karachieat/ https://www.instagram.com/karachieat/

If you are looking forward to something more than just food, so let us inform you there will be more entertainment than just food. Nauman Khalid, Waqar Ehsin and Sahara Band UK are some of the performances that we are looking forward to this year. 


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