Famous Street Foods You Must Try Before You Die (Part 2)

Famous Street Foods You Must Try Before You Die (Part 2)

Famous Street Foods You Must Try Before You Die (Part 2)

Street food has become a big trend all around the world and as much as we love our elaborated fine dining restaurants, nothing beats a yummy street food treat. Countries all around the world are serving different street foods to the public and it is quite worthy to note how each food item reflects a country’s unique culture. For a quick snack or a fulfilling meal, street foods always come in handy.
We are here to give you all the spicy details about the different variety of street foods one gets all around the world:

Simit Bread is one of the most famous street foods enjoyed in Turkey. It is quiet popular as a go-to breakfast option or even a quick snack. Simit Bread can be found in the streets of Turkey quiet easily; it is a big ring-shaped bread covered in sesame seeds enjoyed with Turkish tea.

A sweet treat enjoyed around the streets of Czech Republic, this cake is quiet similar to a doughnut and leaves you drooling at first sight. The spiral doughnut is rolled to look like a waffle cone, cooked over a grill and then covered in sugar and served with ice cream, chocolate sauce, seasonal fruits and whipped cream.

A well celebrated South Asian dish enjoyed all over Indian food streets; this is the perfect mix of spices and salt, served with sambar and chutney and packed with carbohydrates. The Masala Dosa is extremely light to eat, but fills your stomach up in no time.

If you haven’t heard about this delish food, you are surly living under a rock. It is the most famous and loved Canadian dish made up from fries, curd, cheese and gravy. It is a big hit on the streets of Canada and even though it may not look appealing, the taste will make you devour the food again and again.
Fun fact: Poutine means “mess” in Quebec slang.


Might not be the first thing to pop up on your mind when you think about street food, but this is an extremely popular dish in Jamaica. If you love smoked chicken, this dish is surely for you. The chicken is marinated in ginger, garlic, chilies and different spices and left overnight to absorb the flavors and then grilled over a wood. Look how delicious it looks!

A chilled sweet treat for the public of Philippines to beat the heat, this is similar to a sundae, comprising different layers of yogurt, coconut flakes and syrups. It is topped with ice cream, evaporated milk and shaved ice and remains a big hit on the streets of Philippines.
Fun fact: Halo-Halo means “mix-mix.”

This is the most famous food in Thailand not only on the streets, but in restaurants and practically all over the country also. The most filling dish made from Thai noodles and different vegetables and spices stir fried all together. It is also known as ‘Noodles Stir-Fry.’


One of the tastiest street food treat all around the world, a person traveling to Spain must give these fried cinnamon sticks served with melted chocolate a try!


The most Instagramable street food originated in Taiwan and loved all over the world is Bubble Tea or Boba Tea. Consisting of creamy tea and chewy tapioca balls, honey dew, grass jelly and custard pudding, Bubble Tea can be found in different colors which make it more picture-perfect.

Bao buns are certainly called ‘little bites’ and are the most famous Chinese street food made from soft dough and stuffed with different savory fillings. They are then steamed to perfection, leaving it to a cloud-like fluffy texture.

If you are travelling and want to give different foods around the world a try, you should start with these mouthwatering street food items that will surely leave you wanting more. 


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