A Complete Guide for Different Types of Coffees

A Complete Guide for Different Types of Coffees

A Complete Guide for Different Types of Coffees

Coffee is one of the most versatile drinks out there. Whether you like it sweet, bitter, milky, warm or cold, there’s a coffee out there for you. However, due to the sheer vastness of coffee drinks available many of us can be intimidated about what to get.

To remedy this, we made a guide that breaks down major coffee drinks and tells you exactly what to expect when ordering them.


The difference between regular black coffee and an Espresso is how it is made. Espresso are made by forcing pressurized water through ground beans. This is the left to brew, which results in the formation of ‘crema’ which creates the rich aroma associated with Espresso.

It is generally made with a darker, finely ground roast and does not contain any milk.


If you were order a Latte in Europe you would have to refer to it by its original Italian name, ‘café latte’ which translate to ‘coffee milk.’ A latte is a much less bitter way to enjoy your coffee with the intensity of an espresso shot, coupled with steamed and frothed milk.

A Latte contains, one part coffee, three parts milk and is topped with foam.


A Cappuccino is a close cousin of the Latte as it is also a milk based coffee drink. However, it contains half the amount of milk that a Latte does, while the Espresso content remains the same. This means a cappuccino is a little more intense and has a more natural tasting flavour.

Cappuccinos contain one part coffee, one part milk and one part foam.

Flat White

A Flat White consists of espresso and microfoam, which gives the drink a velvety texture. Flat Whites a served either with a lot of foam or very little foam, however in each case the foam is light and not dry.

A Flat White contains, a double shot of Espresso, topped with milk and finished with microfoam.


The Mocha gets its name from Mocha, Yemen, which was originally the only place where the Arabica variety of coffee could grow. A Mocha is a blend between a Cappuccino and hot chocolate.

A Mocha contains, one teaspoon of drinking chocolate, one part coffee, one part milk and one part foam


A Macchiato is sometimes referred to as a dry Cappuccino as the two drinks share many similarities, except the steamed milk. The drink is made with Espresso and small splash of milk.

Macchiatos contain, a single shot of Espresso and milk froth top.


What’s your favourite coffee? Let us know in the comments below.

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