6 Kitchen Spices That Can Be Easily Grown At Home

6 Kitchen Spices That Can Be Easily Grown At Home

6 Kitchen Spices That Can Be Easily Grown At Home

Get to know six different spices that you can easily grow at home. All these spices are an essential part of Asian foods and are also widely used worldwide. 

It happens a lot of times that you are cooking something and check your cabinet for a particular spice you need to add and realize that you are out of it. But no wait. What’s the worse part? You can’t even go out to the supermarket at that very moment to procure it. Sadly, then you look for an alternate for that spice to get your recipe ready.

Have you ever thought of growing all the necessary spices that are used in the regular, everyday recipes; at your home? Imagine how convenient it would be that whatever spice you need, you have to go to your garden or the balcony to pluck it and use it in your recipe. A vast garden is not necessarily required for these spices to harvest. 

We have mentioned below six basic spices used in almost every Asian food recipe and can be grown at home in the garden or even in small pots in your balcony. Let’s start. 

Ginger - Adrak

Ginger is one of the common ingredients used in all kinds of Asian curries and confectionaries and baked foods. Ginger tea is also a prevalent use of this spice for its medicinal benefits. 

How to grow ginger? Fill a large tub with potting soil mix. Put 5 to 6 small pieces of ginger and it and press them firmly inside the soil. Keep the tub in the sunlight for a day. Water it daily and when the soil turns dry, dig the ginger out and shift the plant into a smaller but wide pot along with the roots. 

Turmeric - Haldi

Turmeric is also known as the pigmented cousin of ginger. It is mostly used in foods for the bright yellow color and its sharp and spicy flavor. It also has a lot of anti-tumor and anti-microbial properties. 

How to grow turmeric? Just like ginger, turmeric can also be grown indoors. The only concern regarding growing this particular spice is that it is mostly used in a dried, powdered form; therefore, planting can be challenging. All you need to do is stick the turmeric pieces in a deep, wide pot filled with soil. Water the pot well and make sure that it gets plenty of sunlight. You would notice big lush green leaves emerging in a week or so. 

Coriander - Dhaniya

Coriander can be both; a herb as well as a spice. The leaves of coriander are also known as cilantro and are used in Pakistani, Chinese, and other continental dishes. However, coriander as a spice tastes different and is majorly used in Asian recipes, mostly curries.

How to grow coriander? Coriander plant grows very quickly and almost at any time of the year. However, the plant gets in full bloom in cold weather as compared to the summer season. Take a wide pot and fill it with potting mix. Sow the coriander seeds deep into the soil and place it in light. Water regularly to keep the soil moist. Here you go, home fresh coriander is just a step away! To pluck the seeds, you need to wait for a little longer till the small white flowers turn ultimately into green globular fruits. 

Cumin - Zeera

Cumin seeds are also used as a regular spice in a powdered form or seeds in all curries like chicken, beef, or mutton. 

How to grow Cumin? Cumin plant requires a lit area for growth. Sow the seeds in a large pot with potting mix and keep the soil moist. The plant takes four months to harvest after the leaves start to sprout but can grow a little faster if proper light and heat are given. When the small flowers begin to turn into elongated seeds, they need extra care so that the fruit doesn’t fall off. The cumin seeds can also be ground into a powder to use in curry recipes. 

Paprika - Surkh Mirch

This colorful and mildly hot spice is used in the making of Italian and Chinese cuisines. 

How to grow paprika? To grow paprika at home, you need an extraordinarily well-lit and right area under the sun. All you need to do is sow the seeds into a rich, moist potting mix. Make sure that you put a single seed in one pot. To get the paprika powder, you need to grow about nine to ten plants. When the chilies get a bright red color, you know it is the time to harvest and enjoy. 

Mustard - Sarson

Mustard is used to enhancing the flavor in loads of dishes. You can use it for your salad dressing or in marinading something that needs more flavor. 

How to grow mustard? To grow mustard at home, you need to sow the mustard seeds from in a shallow pot, and once the leaves start sprouting, you can shift them to a bigger, more bottomless, and well-drained pot. The pots should be kept in a bright, sunny location and should be watered regularly. Make sure that you pluck the long thin flowers before they burst open. Use the whole seeds to make your mustard sauce by grinding them and adding vinegar. 

While all these spices are available at any supermarket or general store near you, we suggest you try growing them at home. This way, you can save a lot of money in the long run, and also you would never run out of spices. Happy gardening! 

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