5 Restaurants Serving Keto Menu In Karachi

5 Restaurants Serving Keto Menu In Karachi

5 Restaurants Serving Keto Menu In Karachi

Keto or Ketogenic diet is one of the most famous diets of all time and is now taking over Pakistan quite rapidly. It is said to be one of the most effective way to lose weight.
Now you can find different restaurants all over Pakistan if you are on Keto diet. We have listed down some of the famous restaurants in Karachi who are serving keto-based menus that are as tasty as they are healthy.

One of the most famous restaurant that is serving a healthy menu for a long time located in Defence Housing Authority is Neco’s. Their whole idea is to remain organic, from their homemade butter to the spices used in their food. They have a special menu for the people who are on a Ketogenic diet and have different menus for breakfast, appetizers and main course dishes. Everything in the restaurant from their ambiance to their food has an organic feel. People who are into healthy eating should totally hit Neco’s and we are sure it will satisfy your taste buds without worrying about putting on extra weight.


This is one of the most famous restaurant serving Pan-Asian cuisine and fried ice cream in Karachi. Chop Chop Wok has gained popularity quiet quickly, and now they have introduced their ‘fit’ menu where you can calculate your macros by choosing different portions and ingredients all by yourself. Have a taste of the different options you have available here!  

Floc was one of the first restaurants to introduce keto menu in Karachi. It has a large menu with the most aesthetic interior, ambiance and a unique peppy touch to attract the young crowd.  
Floc has everything your keto heart will desire - from steaks to coffee to tacos - they have it all! 

Chatter Box is a well-loved restaurant by the people of Karachi. Having a huge menu with different options for all kinds of people, Chatter Box also has great keto options in their menu which will satisfy your cravings while keeping your weight in check. With their peaceful ambiance and delicious food, we are sure you will not leave unsatisfied.

One of the newer places who have a large keto menu is Caffeine Fix. It is very new but has gotten quiet popular very quickly. Caffeine Fix is one of the restaurants in Karachi having the most options of keto from keto salads, keto burgers, keto desserts to keto slushes and even keto sauces.
It is one of the best places a keto fanatic can hit from their aesthetic interior to their outstanding food, Caffeine Fix has it all!

This is the whole run down of all amazing restaurants serving keto menu in Karachi. Now you have various options to choose from while satisfying your test buds and keeping your weight in check. We are sure you will not be disappointed after hitting these places. 


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