How To Cut Tomatoes


Over the years, Tomatoes have been considered both a fruit and a vegetable and have served excellently in both categories. Here's a complete guide on how to buy, store, and cut tomatoes.

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Over the years, Tomatoes have been considered both a fruit and a vegetable and have served excellently in both categories. In Pakistan, it is an essential ingredient for most of our dishes. People add tomatoes in salans, sandwiches, fruit and vegetable salads, and even drink tomato juice. And why not? They're delicious, easily available, cheap, and packed with nutrients.
They also have a huge number of health benefits such as cancer prevention, countering skin disease and improving heart health. It also counters the effects of cigarette smoking, manages diabetes, improves sight and aids in digestion. 


Juicier tomatoes are denser, while unripe tomatoes feel a little too light. Two senses are to be used strongly to buy the right set of tomatoes. First, use the sense of touch to feel the tomato, if its too hard then put it back and if its too soft then do the same again, pick the one that is mildly soft. Now use the second sense and smell the tomato by the stem, it should have a strong, sweet earthy odor.


Keep the tomatos at a room temperature in a cool dry place away from the sunlight. But if its summers and the atmosphere is heating up then its better to keep them in the fridge in a cold temperature to keep them from going bad. You can also freeze the tomatoes if they’re overripe, again to keep them from going bad, and keep them outside the refrigerator two hours before consumption.
Here’s a visual step-by-step guide on how to cut Tomatoes:

Step one: Add water in the pot

Step two: Bring it to a boil

Step three: Add tomatoes in the water

Step four: Blanch for 20 seconds

Step five: Peel the skin off

Step six: Cut the top off

Step seven: Cut into halves

Step eight: Cut into wedges

Step nine: Remove seeds

Step ten: Cut into Julienne strips

Step eleven: Make a bunch, roughly chop it

Step twelve: Chop it finely now

And there you have it, the perfectly chopped Tomatoes now. Keep practicing and someday you’ll be cooking tomato puree. 

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