Almond and Date Smoothie


Since dry fruits are in season, we thought we’d give you a healthy drink for you to try. If you are an avid gym goer, this drink is ideal for your post workout regime. It is simple to make and uses almonds, dates, oats and other healthy ingredients for a wholly nutritious meal!

  • Easy
  • 2 person(s)
  • 05 Mins


    • Ice cubes-6 - 7
    • Dates8 - 10
    • Instant oats3 - 4 tbsps
    • Almonds18 - 20, crushed
    • Honey1 tsp
    • Milk1 cup
    • Chocolate powder2 tbsps


  • In a blender add dates, instant oats, almonds, honey, milk, ice cubes and chocolate powder.
  • Blend it well.
  • Pour it in a mug.
  • Enjoy. And let us know your feedback in the comment section below.
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