Karachi's Hotpot Craze

Karachi's Hotpot Craze

Karachi's Hotpot Craze

Karachi's food trends are always here to make a statement, and the recent one is Chinese Hotpot. As the title suggests, it is a steam booth served with fresh ingredients like meat, mushrooms, Bak Choy, and dumplings. Hotpot is customizable, allowing the customer to tailor their dining experience according to their preference, from the broth selection to the cooking time; it remains unique for each. Moreso, the communal experience of Hotpot makes it a crowd favorite, an interactive experience that brings friends and family together for a few hours to share stories. The shared cooking experience fosters collaboration and engagement among the diners. So, if you have never relished the experience it offers, here are some Hotpot recommendations to get you started,

1. Wang Wang Hotpot
The first few restaurants to offer hot pot in Karachi was Wang Wang. The popular site, which is always occupied, is a crowd favorite due to its open-air setting and the delicious cucumber salad we repeatedly return to. Wang Wang has been an underground restaurant for the last two years. It became trendy during Covid time but has recently picked up because of the growing appeal for HotPot.A trip to Wang Wang can cost anywhere from 3000PKR to 4000PKR.

2. Golden Dragon Hotpot
Golden Dragon draws inspiration from the Chinese Zodiac animal, The Dragon. It was not just the Hotpot that lived up the expectations; the Red Sauce Chicken with the Egg Fried Rice was equally good. The friendly staff and the high-quality meats available at the joint make it worth roughly 2000PKR per head.

3. Hot pot Karachi
From the freshness of each ingredient to the friendly staff that greeted you, this experience was by far the best! Hot Pot Karachi is the opposite of a quick, easy Hotpot meal; clear your evening yourself when dining at the popular joint. Pro-Tip order the peanut sauce for an extra kick with your vegetables.

4. Zolton Hotpot
Unlike the other eateries, this one featured a distinct take on Hotpot. The restaurant resembled a demon's dungeon tier, even down to the menu cards, and even the staff were caricatured! The new approach undoubtedly challenges the classic HotPot experience, yet per-head cost can range from 5000PRK to 5500PRK.

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