Garden Bistro: Delicious Food While Keeping It Clean

Garden Bistro: Delicious Food While Keeping It Clean

Garden Bistro: Delicious Food While Keeping It Clean

We are here with yet another restaurant to review, Garden Bistro. Located in the heart of DHA Karachi, this restaurant encapsulates hygiene, health and delicious food all in one. Their primary motive is to serve freshly made food that is free from unnecessary calories, while that same food remains delicious and can be enjoyed by the customer market. In conversation with one of the owners, Asfar (who, by the way, shares the same name with all his other partners!), it was understood that Garden Bistro hopes to make people realize that ‘healthy food is not always boring’ – and we couldn’t agree more!

Being true to its name, Garden Bistro has a beautiful aura, much like a garden. It is a small, yet cozy place that has a homely feel to it. Starting from their interior, to their furniture and cutlery, everything goes hand in hand with the theme and provides an overall comfortable feel to the place. If we have to rate them on their ambiance, we won’t score them any less than a spot on ten. 
Garden Bistro has a reasonably big menu; they have a wide variety to choose from appetizers to desserts. They serve anything from burgers to pasta to seafood and also have the right amount of dishes for all vegetarians also. That’s not all though - they have a massive breakfast menu also from which their French Toast is said to be a classic and an overall popular dish among those who have tried it. When it comes to drinks, they have an excellent variety to choose from. The coffee is claimed to be organic and one of its kind that is not readily available anywhere in the city also.

Garden Bistro was kind enough to invite us over to try their mouthwatering dishes. When it came to ordering, the brief descriptions under each dish on the menu were extremely helpful in order for us to decide what we were in the mood to eat. To top it all, the staff was extremely accommodating and had extensive knowledge to help us feel at ease with our decision. 

1)    Honey Sriracha Chicken Strips:
This was recommended to us by one of the waiters since we were in the mood for something spicy. These strips were surely a hit for us as the chicken was juicy and was covered in the right amount of sauce. They had the perfect amount of sweetness along with a kick of spice that added to the overall tangy flavor. 

2)    Mexican Chicken Pasta: 
Authentic Mexican spices came together in this spicy mix. This dish included grilled chicken and red bell peppers toasted in whole wheat spaghetti with hot tomato sauce. It was served with a side of green beans to keep the healthy theme going. The idea of ‘whole wheat pasta’ initially didn’t kick, but the mixture of spices and sauce didn’t even hint at our earlier contention. The overall dish is ideal for someone who is looking for some extra flavors and an addition to their spicy platter! 

3)    Stuffed Chicken with Tarragon Sauce: 
This was also a treat to our taste buds. It included chargrilled chicken breast stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, carrots and cheese. The topping of tarragon sauce was creamy and worked with all the vegetables on the dish. The dish definitely fills your stomach up and is a win for us! 

4)    Moroccan chicken: 
Targeting a classic, this dish entailed chargrilled chicken fillet topped with spicy Moroccan sauce and a serving of rice. The sauce was light with a hint of spice that complimented the overall dish. If you’re going for the usual for lunch, this dish tops the list!

5)    Black Salt Lemonade: 
This was one of those drinks one needs after a long, tiring day at work. It was served chilled and was extremely refreshing after even one sip. Although we must say, the black salt was a little overpowering and hinged the taste buds a bit much. 

6)    Mochaccino:
When the owner told us their coffees are unique, we couldn’t agree more. This warm beverage had the perfect balance of the sweetness of chocolate and bitterness of coffee. It was served piping hot and was one of the few coffees that combine two extremely distinct flavors so perfectly. 

7)    Hot Chocolate: 
This warm beverage also encapsulated sweetness in its own distinct way. One could grasp the smell of cocoa from afar which only one can dream of during cold winter days. Although the dish was slightly sweet for our personal liking, we still enjoyed the freshness and warmth of it!

We can’t thank Garden Bistro enough for such a wonderful treat. Their service, food and overall environment were definitely worth it, and we urge everyone to pay this place a visit. 


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