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Foodistan X Food Tribune

Foodistan X Food Tribune

Food Tribune is here to share their thoughts about another home-based eatery, Foodistan. Owned by Nausheen Ashfaq, a housewife with an immense love for cooking, she started by serving different dishes to her family and friends who motivated her to start her own culinary business. She has undergone various different courses on Culinary Arts which have really amped up her cooking skills. She was always interested in cooking and serving different people her food was a dream of hers which is now being accomplished.  
Foodistan was kind enough to send their famous Chicken Khausey to Food Tribune and we couldn’t be happier. Read ahead to find a lengthy review of this dish: 


For starters, Foodistan’s Chicken Khausey was packed with flavors and we enjoyed every bite of it. It had the perfect amount of chicken cooked in delicious aromatic spices with a very flavorful coconut curry, and topped with fried spaghetti and coriander.

The consistency of the coconut curry was just about right; it had a thick texture with ample amount of spices to make us sip our water and drinks often. 
Furthermore, the spaghetti was cooked to perfection. The fried spaghetti pieces decorated on top of the dish was a win-win for us since they added crunchiness to the overall smooth flavor. 
Lastly, the extras that were sent along with the khausey were in extremely generous quantity. Along with lemons for a tangy flavor, we were offered spicy chips and fried onions for the piquancy the dish deserves. 
If you are a khausey lover, you should totally give Foodistan a try and we are sure you will fall in love with every bite of it. Overall, it was delicious, full-filling and extremely hygienic as well.
Single serving: Rs. 350
Double serving: Rs. 450 
Total rating 9/10

Apart from their delicious khausey Foodistan has a lot more to offer; from Chicken Karahi to Thai Rice, they’ve got it all. They have a wide range of cuisines for you to try out and a different item each week only for you. 

We cannot wait to try out more items from Foodistan. This place has surely been approved by Food Tribune and we know you will thank us very soon! 


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