Famous Cookbooks By Famous Chefs

Famous Cookbooks By Famous Chefs

Famous Cookbooks By Famous Chefs

If you are a culinary student or like cooking in general, we are sure cookbooks are your best friends. We are here to give you all the information you need about the most famous cookbooks by some renowned chefs. 
Reading is a great way to polish cooking techniques. Your learning should go beyond your education of spices and pots, and there is nothing better than exposing yourself to the art of reading and learning techniques of famous culinary gurus. 
Here are some books you might want to check out for mastering your cooking skills:

One of the most famous cookbooks enjoyed is written by none other than America’s favorite self-taught cook, Rachael Ray. In her book ‘Rachael Ray 50: Memories and Meals from a Sweet and Savory Life’ she opens about her memorable times of her life alongside 125 recipes which cover everything from savory to sweet.
Rachael published her cookbook on her fiftieth birthday and thought about enjoying life and her passion for cooking. Therefore, her cookbook consists of 25 thoughtful essays and 125 mouthwatering recipes.

If we talk about most hyped cookbooks, 5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver will surely come on top of the list because of his innovative idea of using just five ingredients and still being able to whip up utterly delicious meals. It is a brilliant idea which is visualized very gracefully by Oliver in this book. Every page on this book adheres to Oliver’s guiding principle; little effort and lots of flavor. One thing Jamie emphasizes in his book is to use fresh ingredients and not to compromise on quality.

America’s most famous supermodel who is notorious for her sarcastic tweets and famous for her humorous personality is Chrissy Teigen. However, this is not all she is famous for; this American boss-lady is also known for her famous cookbook, ‘Cravings.’  
Chrissy’s book is perfect if you are looking for quick snack recipes or if you want to master the art of 3-course meals! 

If we are talking about cookbooks and culinary, then we can surely not forget about the cooking legend, Gordon Ramsay and his most famous cookbook called ‘Home Cooking.’ Ramsay surely has numerous cookbooks, but one of his most enjoyed one is Home Cooking in which he uncovers his techniques and tells you how to master the art of cooking but in a Gordon Ramsay way.
In this book, Ramsay has jot down all his famous recipes which are simple yet remarkable. He has travelled all around the world from India to East LA and has covered all the culinary experiences in the book. As the book cover states, ‘Everything you need to know to make famous food’, it is definitely all about that. 

Nerdy Nummies is the famous cookbook by none other than most famous internet sensation, Rosanna Pansino. Nerdy Nummies combines two things that Pansino loves: geek culture and baking. This book is perfect for you if you love making desserts or just enjoy eating them.
Nerdy Nummies cookbook is quite different from your normal chef’s cookbooks with its one-of-a-kind recipes of delicious desserts alongside mouthwatering pictures all throughout the book. Nerdy Nummies is a good representation of Pansino’s fun personailty as well as her undying love for baking and desserts.  

If you love cooking, then you should surely give these cookbooks by culinary masters a try. We are sure these books will help polish your culinary skills to a greater level!


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